Green Cat Washed by Rain to Become Tabby Again!

You may remember the strange case of the green stray/feral cat of Varna, Bulgaria. Many photos were taken but no one tried to help. I wrote an article encouraging someone to help because all that was required was to trap the cat (he/she seemed fairly domesticated) and to wash him because he was coloured by green paint as the cat slept on it in a garage.

Perhaps this was more difficult than it appeared. Well, thank God for mother nature. There must have been a good downpour judging by the before an after pictures below:

Bulgaria's green cat washed by rain
Bulgaria’s green cat washed by rain
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I hope, now, that someone has secured the entrance to the garage to prevent the cat re-entering.

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5 thoughts on “Green Cat Washed by Rain to Become Tabby Again!”

  1. What a beatiful cat he is under that Green fur! very pretty and he looks really well fed ๐Ÿ™‚ Is he a he though do you think? ‘He’ has a very female face ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. So happy he is normal again.Back in the day-say 50 years ago we put cake coloring in out hair.I was blonde so it really showed up.Got caught in the rain once—-lol

    1. A friend and I colored our hair green for St. Patricks Day in Junior High and were sent home for causing a disturbance.
      Because I am sort of a washed lt.brown/redhead, it took multiple applications to turn green instead of yellow.
      But, it didn’t go over well at all.
      My friend was blonde, like you. Hers was awesome and only took one application.

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