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  1. “Green is a relatively new colour in cats…None of these photos are Photoshopped….. (comment from Michael: sorry, that is not true, Sarah)”

    Actually it is true. It may seem pedantic, but Photoshop is a trademark, not a verb. The photos are photo-manipulated, but they don’t use Photoshop(TM) so it’s factually accurate to say “not Photoshopped” (as it says at the foot of that web page!).

    The green cat & teacup cat articles, along with all the Messybeast April Fool articles are part of a 15 year annual tradition between myself and a number of breeders, fanciers and geneticists (not an act of desperation).

    • Sarah, I like you and admire you so I don’t want to fight with you. However, “to photoshop” has become a verb in the same way “hoover” has become a verb:

      “I hoovered my carpet”.

      “I photoshopped my photo”

      We all know that. Photoshop was the first photographic editor and the trademark has come to mean much more.

      By the way. I still respect you, like you and am pleased you came by the site to make a quick comment. I still visit your site and I still like it 😉 It is one of the best. We all know that.

      I know I am outspoken. It is just the way I am. It came from being a solicitor for about 14 years. It changed me from being shy to being what I am. That and being almost 65 years of age.

  2. I don’t know much about cat litters. I always thought that cat waste was fairly natural but I really didn’t think about it to be honest. I know cat litter is often not biodegradable. The litter I used is the 100% biodegradable kind which looks completely artificial. It’s called silica or some such and it looks like raw uncut diamonds. Theoretically you could put that in the compost but it would have no real value in terms of the purposes of compost, however it would seem the cat feces would be worse, although biodegradable – in that it spreads disease and so on. I am going to hazard a guess her – I guess almost no animal waste is appropriate for the composter. Only vegetable sourced matter then I guess. I don’t think I would try putting cat poop in the compost anyway. It doesn’t quite feel right to do that.

    The lady with the green cats is not something I have ever heard of before but it sounds very silly if not, as you say, a bit desperate. I’ll have to go see what she is all about. It’s an awful though that somebody would do something like that out of necessity. The one little thing she could do is make the text on her site into images so it can’t be copied but must be typed out. At least that would probably slow a bunch of them down since I’m sure they are lazy if they don’t bother using their own content anyway. There might be other ways too, I’d be interested to see. Perhaps she could copyright the images of text as images and be strict on it but then if the text was copied by typing it out is would no longer be the same ‘image’ and therefore not breaking the copyright. There has to be a solution or at least a few possible things that although don’t solve the issue – they really reduce the problem by making copying much more like hard work. Obviously images of text hast to be thought out, different fonts used or some such to avoid text recognition software. Luckily alot of text recognition software costs money. I did notice the other day though that if you open an image in google docs – a pdf but without selectable text in it, just images of text, google docs will recognize most of it immediately .So there’s you text recognition software I suppose.

    I hope this can solved so people still feel like sharing with the rest of the world on the internet.

    • Thanks for the ideas. I don’t think Sarah bothers anymore. Also in 2002 the internet was a different place. I think people have stopped or slowed down nicking her material.

      Converting text to images would stop copying but it is not good SEO and formatting is tricky as is quality.

      You can stop the copying of text with software and you can track copied text using copyscape and other techniques.

      Lots of people have copied PoC articles too. I sort of gave up trying to stop it because it is like an avalanche of people swarming all over your site.

      I do complain to Google about image copyright violations, though, if they are Helmi Flick’s as I promised her I would protect her copyright.

      Silica cat litter is no good for compost as far as I know (as you say).

      • Yes – she would have to have a fixed frame on her site basically and it might not look super depending on the browser – but just a thought – it’s what I would do in that situation. I’m glad it has slowed down a bit.

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