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Greenville: Justifying the euthanasia of a cat within 72 hour holding period — 4 Comments

  1. Some cat haters run shelters. I have heard cats referred to as vermin. I do hope the owners push and pursue this. I would love to see somebody fired over this. It would be nice to see some proof of the health of the cat, and as somebody said, was there a veterinarian who made a determination objectively for this cat health? Or just some subjective cat haters opinion.

  2. BTW I take it a state licensed veterinarian prepared that report on Midnight’s health issues that said he needed to be put down right away.

  3. My shelter told me they euthanize any cat they deem as feral. I’m pretty sure ALL cats are deemed as feral. The 72 hour hold is based on the idea that a cat or dog could get out and the owners away or not know right away. It’s a legal threshold that implies if you care about your pet you’re probably looking and we’re going to hold that animal for x amount of time to give you a chance to recover them. I hope Midniights owners sue. It won’t help this cat or the owners but it might put a stop to cat executions.

  4. Marianna sounds like she has the proper legal, ethical and moral grasp of this. I’ve even seen first hand one vet at an emergency hospital jump the gun on euthanizing a cat that really, REALLY should not have been. It was purely an ego-based, power trip action on her part and every time I think of it I feel sick. The Animal Control in Ventura county, Ca has also been callous and deadly toward most animals they have control over, especially cats (and except for pit bulls, of course.)

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