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Greenville Man Has Found His Gift in Nursing Sick Shelter Cats Back to Health — 17 Comments

  1. As so many have said before me..Bobby your GREAT! Thank you for ALL you do to help those precious babies! So many people overlook the need to help these innocent and needy babies..but you my friend are a shining example of how much better this town and this world would be with more love and compassion! A special thanks to Elisa Black-Taylor for taking time to recognize the contributions Bobby has made too so many lives and fir sharing his a wonderful story!!

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  2. That is a great story and a very good man..I love to hear about acts of kindness towards cats..thank you bobby. You are a true life saver….

  3. Thanks for this great story, Elisa. It is full of love, charm and positivity which is the best kind of cat story. It is great to see both cat and human benefiting from the human/cat relationship.

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