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Grey Cat Breed Facts For Kids — 4 Comments

  1. I love the grey-blue cats! My mom’s Fluffy was grey-blue, as was all her older Manx brothers. Beautiful cats.

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  2. Wow the eyes of the Korat are very special. What a lovely colour. I have never heard of this cat breed before. So these are the compulsory blue breeds. I always thought the BSH is very beautiful in this colour too – infact before I knew more I thought they were always all blue just because it’s mostly how you see them. Afterwards I recognised them in pointed and others coats too. The blue colour really brings out the facial features and structure of a cat. For example a pointed BSH is less recognizable at first glance as being a BSH. My cat in Canada was long haired and this same blue colour. Quite beautiful. She looked incredibly similar to the Nebelung but she was very small for an adult cat. She had the same colour eyes a the Nebelung too.

    • Didn’t know you looked after a blue cat. Of these cats the Russian Blue is the best known in the USA. It is in the top ten most popular and there are about 60+ mainstream breeds.

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