Grieving owner thinks new puppy was ‘sent’ by her deceased cat. Viewers insist it’s reincarnation.

Have you ever had a “reincarnated” cat or dog? Or a new pet you believe was sent by a beloved pet you recently lost? This topic gets a lot of chit chat online, especially by pet owners who have had this happen personally.

Gigi & Chonk: Both pets love that corner of the rug
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Grieving cat owner and TikTok user @Iimbrookeeee_lynn AKA “Brooke” tells of her experience on the viral social media platform about how when she adopted a new puppy, Chonk, the pup immediately began playing with a rug her late cat Gigi was entranced by.

Take a look at the TikTok video below which has already been viewed more than seven million times, according to a Newsweek article (TikTok isn’t giving that many views). Caution: Video may be slow to load. Click here if it gives any problem.


i think she sent him 😭 #petloss #newbaby #puppy

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“When you bring home your new puppy and he immediately goes for this spot. Sometimes all I think about is you.”

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Brooke is convinced Gigi, who died of FIP at around four months old, sent Chonk to her. One viewer mentions how Chonk has ‘old soul eyes,’ a sure sign of something special happening in the universe.

It’s nice to hear a story about reincarnated pets because I’m convinced that through the years I’ve had a few. Anyone else get their cat or dog back from the Rainbow Bridge? Please tell us about your experience in the comment section.

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