HomeCat NewsGrieving teen fired after the death of her dog. You’ll never believe the reason.


Grieving teen fired after the death of her dog. You’ll never believe the reason. — 1 Comment

  1. When two of my cats had to have serious dental work done twice,I used vacation because it was planned and I had time to schedule it. When we rescued a sick feral cat, my husband took a paid time off to attend to the cat’s care which was how his company handled their benefits. Finally, when one of my cats developed a serious ear infection I concocted the tale of a sudden back ailment needing a trip to an orthopedic ER near the Animal Medical Center in the City. No one knew the real purpose of this time off. Luckily I didn’t need a doctor’s note as I do in my job now. We have another appointment for dental care in September, I will ask for unexplained Comp time. It is not an easy thing and I work at a professional level. I have done the scheduling for a shift work establishment and, I hate to say, the common practice is to terminate employees for not finding coverage for taking off, no matter the reason, sometimes even if it was a personal medical emergency which was obviously evident. The work world is often not forgiving,

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