Grinning Malcolm King, a prolific killer of iconic animals for fun

Malcolm King is a serial killer of wild animals. He grins with pleasure having shot and killed.

Malcolm King
Malcolm King
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His grinning visage looks directly into the camera as he lifts the head of a recently shot horned wild animal on a hillside. He is a very proud man. He has just shot a wild animal and he feels that rush of pleasure.

I am sure if you asked him he’d confirm that there is nothing in his life more pleasurable than killing animals with his rifle.

Malcolm King is one of the world’s leading big game hunters and perhaps the greatest English hunter in present times. That will make him feel very proud.

He has a complete disregard for the welfare of animals. He has to because you can’t shot them for pleasure in these numbers unless you are brain dead to their emotions and welfare.

He is 74 and a property company director with offices in Cheltenham. My message to his employees: give him a cold, disapproving stare the next time you see him. Make him persona non grata.

Of course all his killing is entirely legal but that’s because the legal process in Africa is crap. There is no point in saying your behaviour is legal when the law is bloody awful. It just means that you are horribly immoral. Yes, Mr King, in my opinion you are an unpleasant, immoral man. You should be ashamed of yourself.

He has received awards from the notorious Safari Club International. This is the group of shooters who pour in millions of US dollars because he has shot and killed the African big five: lion, leopard, elephant, rhino and buffalo. The Safari Club International promote trophy hunting in Africa to further diminish the numbers of precious iconic species on that abused continent. They send their rich members over to Africa to kill.

They argue that sport hunting is good conservation. They like to try and justify their killing but they struggle and look foolish.

He claims that what he does is ethical. You are deluded Mr King. He declined to answer questions when approached by The Times newspaper for comment.

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  1. I fucking hate hunters! They are nothing but a waste of space that think the gun is an extension of their dicks! Or, in the case of females, bigger tits! I hope this fuck dies a miserable death!


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