Grinning, senseless, obsessive hunter kills snow leopard and imports it into USA

Soudy: Hossein Soudy Golabchi obsessive trophy hunter
Soudy: Hossein Soudy Golabchi obsessive trophy hunter. Picture in public domain.
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He is originally from Iran, now an American businessman. He’s Hossein Soudy Golabchi. His nickname is ‘Soudy’. He is a self-declared obsessive trophy hunter. His specialty is killing wild sheep and goats of various species. The Beijing Museum of Natural History almost worship him as he has donated a lot of his trophies to them. We know how backward the Chinese are in respect of animal welfare. Soudy is amongst friends. He’s written a book about his seedy hunting exploits. It is available on Amazon. It has a one star rating. Avoid it or give him another one star.

There are petitions on several sites about Soudy’s trophy shooting of a snow leopard. This is one of the world’s iconic wild cat species. So magnificent. So precious to the world. So hard to see because they live in remote, inaccessible places. But when you are a senseless obsessive hunter like Soudy you find a way to get there to kill.

And there he is, grinning senselessly with a dead snow leopard across his shoulders. I wonder who took the photo. One of his stupid friends.

The petitions want Soudy prosecuted in the American courts for importing the snow leopard into America. I have no idea what he actually imported. Was it the head or a stuffed body? I have no idea.

The importation of body parts of Soudy’s snow leopard would be illegal under CITES. But as this was a non-commercial importation, on my understanding of the law, if Soudy obtained a permit he would avoid committing a crime. It is not as clear cut to me as the petitions make out but I am open to being corrected.

Clearly what Soudy has done is brutally immoral and completely defenceless. I hate this obsessive hunter. However, the snow leopard surprisingly has been reclassified from ‘Endangered’ to ‘Vulnerable’ by the IUCN Red List. This list is important as it affects how countries deal with these species in respect of hunting and importations. So the snow leopard has been made more vulnerable to trophy hunting it seems to me which begs the question as to whether big business is pressurising the IUCN Red List to classify the species lightly to allow hunting.

One of the petitions referred to has gathered almost 95,000 signatures (on the Care2 site for example). There are many people who really care about wildlife and who hate sport hunting. When are these idiots going to stop? When there are no animal left to hunt? It looks that way. There are far too many hunters in the world. It is a stupid throwback to the time when humans were hunter gatherers. It is maddening.

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  1. While Soudy is a deplorable human being the issue is the money he paid to have the right to shoot the Snow Leopard in the first place. Soudy is the pimple on a festering cancer.


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