Grinning South Australian bow hunter kills feral cats cruelly and gets away with It

Zach Slattery likes to hunt feral cats on hunting trips to Kangaroo Island which is just off the mainland of South Australia. He then posts his photographs, such as the one below on Facebook. You can see him grinning inanely at the camera proudly displaying his “kill”. What an arseh***!

THIS POST WAS ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED FEB 28 2016. The authorities now poison feral cats on this island using 1080.

Zach Slattery
Grinning, cruel, ignorant Zach Slattery.
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What a disgrace too that law enforcement in South Australia appear to think that this is quite normal and acceptable despite the fact that it is obviously cruel — it must be a form of animal cruelty. The fact that he has not been arrested or talked to by the police indicates that his behaviour is within the law of South Australia which, for me, means the law is an ass in South Australia. It would not happen in the UK. He’d be arrested.

I’m not alone in believing that Mr Slattery is an arseh*** because he has received a lot of criticism on Facebook and rightly so. In response he says that the people who are criticising him are ignorant as he is carrying out a public service by which he means that he is ridding a part of Australia of some feral cats which in turn will help preserve wildlife.

Zach Slattery
Zach Slattery being cruel again.

Mr Slattery has received thousands of abusive messages and even death threats from animal rights activists. I would say, actually, that he has also received threats from ordinary, decent people. You don’t need to be an animal rights activist to see that what he is doing is obviously immoral and animal cruelty.

I would say that it is Slattery who is ignorant rather than the people who are criticising him. It doesn’t surprise me though that someone like him is killing feral cats because the governments of the various states of Australia are consistently criticising feral cats and looking at ways of killing them en masse. You may remember that they have, over the years, proposed various ways to kill feral cats all of which have been cruel and all of which would no doubt prove unsuccessful because killing feral cat does not work in the long run.

A number of petitions have been opened online which are aimed at the Australian government in the hope of stopping Slattery from killing more feral cats in this cruel manner.

“Citizens such as Zach Slattery of South Australia should not be allowed to legally murder feral cats… His photos of him smiling and posing with their dead bodies on Facebook is an outrage… It should be against the law for the public community to take part in animal population control, especially by savage and disrespectful means….” (taken from a petition on

There is an ignorant element to the Australian culture regarding their relationship with the feral cat who they created….

Facebook are rubbish when it comes to removing animal cruelty photos. That’s another problem.

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15 thoughts on “Grinning South Australian bow hunter kills feral cats cruelly and gets away with It”

  1. What have feral cats done?
    – Yo where the Bilbies at?
    – Dingo population (via competition)
    – Bird populations and Native bird populations (Your mother isn’t gonna pay to revive these extinct species)
    – Extinction of many native birds
    – Native mammals (Imagine that?)
    – Joeys of Kangaroos and Wallabies (yeah they steal and kill em young)
    – Farm animals (easy food!)
    These are just few of the things these cats have decimated over the years.
    Shooting feral cats is justified, just as camels, horses, donkeys, dogs and any other feral creature. They are called feral (invasive) creatures for a reason.
    They cost the economy and cost farmers, and being a snowflake doesn’t help. If you were a real Aussie, who lived in the outback then you would understand.
    The true owners of these lands kill these Cats, hence so can we as it is all of our responsibilities to ensure that ecological damage caused by European settlement is reduced, if not eradicated.

    Cats (including lions and feral cats) kill for fun too, just like people! You must be crazy to deny this!

    So no, we will not stop killing feral animals just because some idiots want us to. You are not bothered about the native animals, just like you don’t give about the Indigenous (Don’t lie to us, more than half of the general population have a racist view against them – but by all means deny to your hearts content)!

    They kill about 466200000 animals each year, and there are millions so no problem in culling a few to keep the important creatures safer.

    Crossbow killing is humane, given a good shot is placed. You can finish a person with a 22 which couldn’t scratch a boar, but a crossbow can put one out due to sheer force, shockwaves resultant of the mass of the projectile (basic F=ma). A crossbow is more human than shooting as it can go straight through, doesn’t get any better than that.


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