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Grinning South Australian bow hunter kills feral cats cruelly and gets away with It — 12 Comments

  1. I am embarrassed to be Australian – this sort of thing is common especially as Kangaroo Island is a cat free island. People are allowed to trap other people’s pet cats if they poke their nose over the boundary fence and hand them in to the pound or worse. Many people, including myself, keep their cats inside now and have an outdoor enclosure to keep their cats safe. The lack of empathy towards cats in general really disgusts me. They are only living like this because of the irresponsibility of humans. Also, the faulty statistics from the wildlife zealots don’t help. Australia is a country which has more than its share of cat haters and ignoramuses like this idiot would obviously prefer to risk getting plague from rats by eradicating cats in the same way as the ignorant superstitions and religious beliefs did in the middle ages. Its weird as they don’t get it that cats have their place in the ecology for rodent control now because the rodents came out on the ships which brought the European settlers here, along with cats.

    • Wise words Pippa. Thank you. There is (a) a government campaign against the roaming cat and (b) ignorance within a section of society in Australia regarding the roaming cat.

  2. I hate when stupid people release cats into a pristine wilderness area and the feral cats then decimate local birds and wildlife into extirpation or extinction. This problem must be taken care of and the only cost effective way is to kill them. So unless you go there and trap the cats and take them home with you please keep your OPINIONS to yourselves because it is not an opinion but a fact that the cats must go.

    • Travis, I am sorry to say that you are incorrect. I hate it when stupid people like you make stupid comments (to use your language)! And I will not keep my opinion to myself because I have a right to express my opinion on my website. The fact of the matter is that killing feral cats will not eradicate them. Killing feral cats in the manner described in the article is animal cruelty and is immoral and in some countries illegal. Also, feral cats don’t cause the extirpation of wildlife or the extinction of wildlife. Yes, feral cats do kill wildlife in order to survive but only extremely rarely have they caused the extirpation of a species on an island. The feral cat is maligned and misunderstood by people like you. In fact, even scientists don’t understand the extent of the predation of feral cats in the estimate or make bad estimates based upon small sample sizes as to the impact of feral cats on wildlife. If even the scientists cannot estimate properly the impact upon wildlife of feral cats then how can people like you understand it?

      It is not a fact that cats must go as you state so ignorantly. It is people like you that have to go in my opinion.

  3. I can’t add to this. I’m certain that anyone who may know me at all, knows what my opinions are.

    Ferals are my heart, so misunderstood and mistreated.
    I believe that every cat lover should spend a month caring for a colony in order to gain some respect for their order and existence.

    I’m certain that Australia considers itself a progressive country but, in reality, they couldn’t be more backward in this.

    • He’s gone! Just deleted his comment. He is one of them, the mad ones who have no humanity in them and who like to kill. They live in the 14th century.

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