Grouchy Cat: Will cat with displeased expression be the next internet sensation?

Will a cat with a displeased expression (‘Grouchy Cat’) be the next internet sensation? It wouldn’t surprise me a bit because cat lovers enjoy looking at photos of happy cats, worried cats, and in Saul’s case (AKA Grouchy Cat) a grouchy expression is helping his story go viral on social media.

Saul (photo RSPCA)
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Saul was found injured on October 15 in Peckham High Street in London. The poor ginger boy, who is really very sweet and affectionate, ended up at the RSPCA’s animal hospital where he was treated for injuries to his teeth, jaw and one of his eyes.

RSPCA London Veterinary Director Carolina Allen stated in an interview with

“Saul was brought in by one of our animal collection officers after a gentleman found him wandering in the rain along the High Street in Peckham. 

We believe he was involved in a road traffic accident as we found he had injured his jaw, teeth and one eye – all leading to his rather unique look! ‘He’s had to have his jaw wired so it’s no surprise he’s a little grumpy!”

Grouchy Cat (Photo RSPCA)

Unfortunately, Saul wasn’t microchipped. The RSPCA will be moving him to their cattery in Southhall as soon as he’s well enough to go up for adoption.

It would be nice for the RSPCA to post photos of Saul and for his adopter to continue either on Instagram or Facebook once he goes to his forever home.

Saul has ‘that look’ that would attract thousands to his page. His face and story have already made no less than a dozen news media outlets. He’s so adorable!

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1 thought on “Grouchy Cat: Will cat with displeased expression be the next internet sensation?”

  1. You are spot on, Elisa. Saul has “the look.” What a mancat! I am so happy he’s been rescued and I’m sure he will find his perfect forever home soon. 😼💜💜🐾


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