Grumpy Cat ascii

Grumpy Cat ascii is a form of mainly internet art (if you can call it that) which you create by only using the keyboard of a computer. A lot of people like to sign off their comments or emails with a miniature ascii artwork, usually a cat’s ears if they are cat lovers.

“ascii” stands for “American Standard Code for Information Interchange”. It is a character encoding system. Below are some ascii cat images starting with Grumpy cat, which I have judged to be in the public domain.

Grumpy cat asii x

Grumpy cat ascii image 2

Grumpy cat ascii image

This last example of ascii cat art was generated online from the photo left.

Maine coon ascii

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Grumpy Cat ascii — 4 Comments

  1. Speaking of ASCII (though not art) I think the answer to Deep Thought’s “The Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything” which was 42 is because the ASCII code for 42 is the “*” multiplication symbol, and that of course is the answer, where would we be if we couldn’t multiply? Just my geeky thoughts, of course someone may have a better idea….

    • Love your geeky thoughts. I would have liked to have founnd a site with instructions as to what characters went into half a dozen lines of the Grumpy cat ascii art but could not find it. I guess it is just some geeky type messing around for a day. I haven’t got a day to mess around in.

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