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Grumpy Cat has a competitor in Garfi — 18 Comments

  1. I just hate to see cats or any animal for that matter used as a commodity its just so sad. Grumpy cat is grumpy because he is just used. I hope Garfi becomes more famous that Grumpy as well because at least Grumpy may get early retirement

  2. Straight from the mouth of this exploited cat to those who laugh at her and pose with their ridiculous faces trying to mimic her!

  3. Another cat made a fool of, it really annoys me when I see people using cats in this way. Why don’t they buy a Barbie doll and dress that up.

      • I wonder if the small minded people who get pleasure out of seeing cats exploited would laugh if it was dogs being exploited instead?

        • I think it is because cats are more independent and considered “outsiders” and fair game to ridicule. That is just a vague theory. People do like to ridicule other people who are outsiders.

  4. Garfi is a cat I first discovered on Flickr in 2007. Here is a link to his photos in the Really HUGE Cats/Really CUTE Kittens and Cubs Flickr photo pool:


    His photos were submitted to three contest I ran in October 2007 — notice ELA removed all the photos of Garfi from the contests. She said that Garfi was not HUGE, he was just extra FLUFFY. I told her he was in the cute kitten category. She still didn’t like having him in the group:


    He didn’t win anything, but he did win our hearts here at home. I had his picture as my computers desktop for a year or so.

    So yes, I like Garfi and I agree that I like that he is not disabled, but I would miss Grumpy cat. I know, I know, I wish she was treated better by her seemingly fame-struck owner, but I enjoy seeing how happy she is. Yup. Look at her eyes. She is a happy cat! Garfi is just plain angry. I think the Huffington Post’s moniker of Angry Cat is going to stick.

    Notice that a lot of the photos ELA shared of Garfi in the RHC/RCKC photo pool have the Getty Images license attached. I’m glad she is making honest money off her kitty. She obviously loves Garfi and he has a HUGE pool of ANGRY photos to share with the world.

    When I told my now 19 yr old nephew he was so excited. Garfi made as laugh.

    • I deliberately embed photo avoid copyright issues. I wonder if people have paid Getty Images. The internet is such a wild west these days that copyright has all but vanished.

      Dan, I’d love to meet Garfi. I’d expect him to be just a typical cat. He can’t have that expression all the time can he? 😉

  5. Poor Garfi, another cat exploited, dressed up in stupid clothes to pose for photos, no wonder he looks so fed up. Never mind his expression, that has nothing to do with it, it’s just a cats expression, but look at his eyes, he doesn’t look at all happy to me.
    Some one else not allowing their cat to enjoy being a cat, doing what cats like to do….they certainly don’t like being trussed up in clothes and wearing a ridiculous tie.
    I wish everyone would just LET CATS BE CATS!

  6. “GARFI” looks perpetually angry with the entire World. This is a natural look and not a physical deformation as is the case of “Grumpy Cat”.He looks a bit like late “Colonel Meow”.A very handsome cat and a ticket to fame and wealth for his human owners.He looks more a “Traditional Persian cat”.Below is a photo of 5 year old tomcat “Matata” who is a “Pit-bull terrier” of the cat World. A very aggressive cat and totally shy of strangers.At the next cat show in Mumbai i just intend displaying him in his “Cat Cage” the ultimate “Wild Traditional Persian Cat” !

    • You’re a bit of an expert on wild Persian cats 😉 Persian cats are meant to be docile and the perfect modern “pet”. Matata is a wild cat! And Garfi looks menacing. What’s happening in the Persian world 😉

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