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Grumpy Cat has died aged 7 — 6 Comments

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  2. Both my pet Long hair Persian cats have crossed 10 years of age.According to me the “DWARFNESS” of Grumpy Cat was the reason for her premature death as she definitely must have been getting the World’s best veterinary care treatment. Worth 70 Million U.S $ , akin to a racing thoroughbred equine superstar many human incomes will be affected by the premature death of “Grumpy Cat”. R.I.P Grumpy Cat.

  3. Oh no… In my opinion any and every cat passing away is sad. They are loved, special members of someone’s family who bring joy daily, but especially ambassadors like Tardar-Sauce aka Grumpy cat brought joy and good will to so many. It’s a great loss and should be memorialized to show the deserved respect to everyone concerned. That she passed at a young age (7 years old) is additionally saddening. Lastly I think making glib remarks like the owner will have to make their own living now or whatever are unnecessarily negative and snarky. Comments like that at this time are rather shitty and shows we have a long ways to go to fix our general bad behavior these days. Actually there was at least one company I found that profited illegally off of Grumpy cat and who lost a suit to that effect to the tune of $710,000. Tabatha Bundesen, Grumpy’s owner, by contrast donated to cat causes, not all of which I could find offhand, save for one that amounted to as much as 500,000 cans of cat food to cat shelters. The cat brought joy to millions of viewers, and as I said was an ambassador so begrudging her owner from monetizing her advertising ability isn’t cool, especially as there probably isn’t one person on the planet who wouldn’t do the same thing. Tabatha says the speculation as to how much that has been is inaccurate and over-inflated too.

    • Let me add that I don’t disagree that hauling around a weak cat to it’s detriment is a bad idea. I doubt she was abused per se or that she was further compromised. The idea that we have either really good or really bad people in the world is born from fairy tales and movies aimed at the lowest common denominator consumer. Religion is like that too. This was just a girl and her cat and I’m sure she wasn’t pure evil. The inference that the cat may have been fed a diet of only dry food has no basis either, but it’s true that dry food is bad for cats and will contribute to if not outright cause urinary maladies.

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