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Grumpy Cat has earned almost $100 million in 2 years — 13 Comments

  1. Wow. (from Wikipedia) “By 2014, when Hello Kitty was 40 years old, it was worth $7 billion a year, all without any advertising.”

    That is seven thousand piles of one million US dollar bills.

    I think Grumpy Cat is being short-changed, with only 100 piles of a million dollar each.

    (the world is truly insane, yes?)




    …and, my all-time favorite iconic cat:


  2. Wow, that’s an amazing amount earned over a relatively short period of time. How sad that shelters struggle to raise those kind of funds.

    As for the cat’s owners, it must feel like they’ve won the lottery. Which is kind of ironic when you calculate the genetic odds of Tardar Sauce (Grumpy’s real name) looking the way she does.

    I understand Tardar’s owners donate some of her income to no-kill shelters. I just hope it’s a decent percentage.

  3. Yeah, this is the results of what we have been talking about for awhile now. Tabitha has left no request unfulfilled. I’m sure Grumpy will build up to the constant travel after a few years, but I worry that she will die young. All because her greedy mom doesn’t want to work.

    • Did I get it wrong? No, it appears I did not. But to be fair, it is easy to get it wrong because the name drives one to thinking of a grumpy old man. We don’t have grumpy old women. We have crazy cat women 😉 .

  4. Is he in the next James Bond film “SPECTRE” or will his fees be too much for the producers to cough up ? Its unbelievable wealth for a cat that has defied natures cruel joke on its “GRUMPY APPEARANCE”.”GRUMPY” cats enterprising human owners are the ultimate beneficiaries of her wealth.

    • Is he in the next James Bond film “SPECTRE” or will his fees be too much for the producers to cough up ?

      That is a cool comment. Made me laugh. Grumpy’s fee would be higher than Daniel Craig. He’s too expensive.

  5. God Bless the “free market” and our capitalistic economic system!

    (I am currently poking Itchy Brother in an attempt to make him look as “Grumpy” as I can, with my camera at hand. He ain’t going for it, and looks only a bit ‘miffed’. I don’t see a new Jaguar motorcar anytime soon in our future at this rate)

    Exploitation? You bet. and I applaud it!

    (Methinks Grumpy Cat has a long way to go before he matches his most nearest ‘rival’: the Japanese line-art icon known as the “Hello Kitty”, however)

    Many people might argue that so much good could be done with that kind of money: saving starving children in third-world counties, bringing clean water to hundreds of tiny, thirsty villages, etc etc.

    But would that bring the same smile to one’s face, as pulling out your key-chain and seeing Grumpy Cat on the fob?

    NO WAY!!!

    Ms. Tabatha Bundesen, of Arizona, USA deserves every dollar of that $100 million!

    Do you hear that, Itchy Brother? Now FROWN, for the camera, dammnit!!! Daddy needs a new Jag!

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