Grumpy Cat Plush Toy Recall

Here is a list of Grumpy Cat plush toys manufactured in China which are dangerous to children because the eyes can be detached and which have been recalled. They pose a choking risk. Apparently 8,200 plush toys are being recalled by Ganz USA Marietta, Ga., USA. There is a 5 inch and an 8 inch plush toy and a Grumpy Cat Key Clip. I needn’t describe the plush toys because we all know what Grumpy Cat looks like. They were sold nationwide from the middle of December 2013 to January 2014 in places such as hospitals, gift shops and museums. So far there been no reports of children being injured. There have been 6 reports of eyes becoming detached.

Grumpy cat toy recall list
Grumpy cat toy recall list
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5 thoughts on “Grumpy Cat Plush Toy Recall”

  1. Cheap kett, probably made with real cat fur if the usual Chinese standards apply, the whole Grumpy Cat cash cow should be closed down. It’s quite sickening how the whole world seems to be exploiting that poor cat.

  2. Everyone just has to capitalize on this poor cat.
    It makes me sick.
    And, it makes me even sicker that American consumers are still buying products from China even after all the harm they have caused babies and pets here.

  3. Oh dear! The world has gone insane!
    I was wondering if Grumpy Cat toys would be next to make even more money from that poor little cat’s misfortune and now I hear that they have and are not only in bad taste but dangerous to little children too.


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