Grumpy cat’s eyes can change her from grumpy to thoughtful

Grumpy cat looking thoughtful not grumpy
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Grumpy cat looking thoughtful not grumpy

Although it is the strong downward-pointing anatomy of Grumpy Cat’s mouth which defines her image, her eyes have a big role to play in her appearance.

Here are two images of this most famous of all cat celebrities who has made her ‘owner’ a multimillionaire.

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The first is the classic grumpy appearance with ‘hooded’ or glowering dark eyes.

Grumpy cat looking grumpy in part due to her glowering eyes

Grumpy cat looking grumpy in part due to her glowering eyes

In the second the eyes are wider and ‘brighter’ which gives the impression that she is more thoughtful rather than grumpy.

Grumpy cat looking thoughtful not grumpy

Grumpy cat looking thoughtful not grumpy thanks to her eyes being brighter and less glowering.

The overall appearance is due to an anatomical defect: dwarfism (a mutation) and an underbite. Way back I said with some passion that she was being exploited for financial gain. Not everyone (no one?) agreed with me. But we (humans) would not present a child to the world in a money making enterprise if the child had facial features which were due to anatomical defects. The parents would be criminalised for child abuse.

They’d probably end up in court for God’s sake. I know a cat is not a child but cats are meant to be members of the family and as such they should be treated in the same way as other members of the family rather than as tier 2 or second class members. It is about fairness and ethics, qualities which are all too often dispensed with in relation to animals.

Question: why do I always think Grumpy Cat is male? It must be because we associate grumpiness with old men. It’s a shame really.

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