GS4441524 also known as EV0984 – a drug treatment for FIP and COVID-19 in humans?

GS4441524 is an anti-viral drug that interrupts the FIP infection. Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP), is a viral disease of cats that is almost universally fatal. FIP is caused by a member of the coronavirus group so you can see the connection between FIP and COVID-19 (the official name for the coronavirus which started in Wuhan, China). COVID-19 was previously called 2019-nCOV.

I believe that this is an ‘experimental’ drug which is available on the black market. It is not yet officially approved for the treatment of FIP in cats nor for the coronavirus infection in humans (COVID-19) that has caused an epidemic in China.

GS4441524 treatment for FIP

GS4441524 treatment for FIP. The cat in the picture is Luna, a Savannah cat who contracted FIP.

GS4441524 has proved successful in treating FIP in cats under trials at UC Davis. The formula for the drug was released and several Chinese companies have started to produce it apparently illegally without a license. Also, the quality of the Chinese version of GS4441524 is unknown. Is the drug being used to treat people infected with COVID-19 in China?

It seems that desperation leads to desperate measures which is why GS4441524 is being sold on the black market to treat cats and also there is a case for releasing it for use on COVID-19 because of its apparently established efficacy in interrupting the FIP infection.

I have read that it will take a months to find a vaccine for COVID-19 and treatments are hard to come by in China because hospitals are swamped. It seems they have supply shortages of medicines to combat the disease. One man was treated with an AIDS drug. He recovered.

The video shows a lady who fostered cats one of whom got FIP. She treated the cat with GS4441524 and was impressed with the results. We should be cautious about these claims however. We don’t know the long-term prognosis. The video also shows a vet who is surprised that the drug has not been tried on people suffering with the COVID-19 infection.

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COVID-19 is still gaining ground as at the date of this post. It has not peaked and fallen back. There are real fears of it gaining traction causing more deaths, cancellation of the Olympics in Japan, disruption of the supply of motor manufacturing parts and a general economic downturn which would hurt China and the rest of the world.


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