Guy leaves his wheelchair and works his way to edge of storm drain to save kitten

Disabled man saves kitten from drowning
Disabled man saves kitten from drowning
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This heroic, disabled guy, Abu Fathiyyaturahma Menk Abdun Mujtahid, 30, saw a kitten clinging onto the concrete sides of a steeply slooping storm drain filled with water. The kitten was sliding down the concrete towards the water.

Disabled man saves kitchen from drowning in storm drain
Disabled man saves kitchen from drowning in storm drain

Mujtahid was in his wheelchair on the sidewalk running parallel to the drain. There’s about 12 feet of grassy, slopping bank between the sidewalk and the drain.

Mujtahid clearly could not get his wheelchair down the grassy bank to save the kitten so he bravely made his way down using his arms. It is impressive.

It happened in Sabah, Malaysia. The video was made by his friend who also uses a wheelchair.

It was a great effort and he deserves all the praise he can get. There is only one error really from my standpoint. He let the kitten run away over the road to where? Possible starvation, URI and many other possible illnesses and a short life I guess. Maybe I am being too harsh but I hate to see that. I think he could have got the cat to a shelter. It might have been hard though.

However, I love what Mujtahid did.

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