Guy sets his alarm 30 minutes early to allow his cat time to cuddle him on his chest

Like many domestic cats, this guy’s cat learned that when his alarm went off to wake him up, his cat would jump onto his chest and snuggle down. Cats get into a routine like that.

Beautiful cat cuddle
Beautiful cat cuddle
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In an act of generosity that reflects how an excellent human-to-cat relationship should be, the guy sets his alarm 30 minutes early every day to give his cat more time to enjoy her snuggles and cuddles on his chest.

This man is a good cat guardian. He’s thinking about how he can improve his cat’s life. These little things count a lot. He posted the photo on

Now….sometimes cats can’t wait for that damned alarm to go off. They poke and prod their human companion and act as an alarm themselves. Most of us have been at the receiving end of this sort of domestic cat behavior.

“Mine figured out how to wake me up 15ish minutes before the alarm goes off like the asshole that he is….”

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