Hailey Bieber confesses that their Savannah cats are ‘psycho’

NEWS AND COMMENT: Justin and Hailey Bieber’s pair of F1 (first filial) Savannah cats are back in the news again. This is becoming a long-running saga. This time they’re in the news for the wrong reasons (again). And the future of these cats, Sushi and Tuna does not look that bright to me.

Sushi with leg break
Sushi, Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin’s part-wild cat, suffered a broken leg, the model revealed on Instagram Story. (Hailey Baldwin Bieber Instagram)
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The Biebers have moved into rented accommodation because their home is being renovated. The landlord does not want domestic cats in his property. The Biebers have temporarily given the pair of Savannah cats to Hailey’s cousin to look after. Hailey said that the cats are amazing by psycho. Not a good sign that the relationship is successful.

“The cats are amazing, but they are psycho” – Hailey

What she means is they are sometimes too active for her. I can understand because I am sure anyone who has lived with an F1 Savannah will quite possibly have similar thoughts. That’s the news. Hardly a big deal. But it’s important that adopters of F1 or F2 Savannah cats know what they are getting into before they make any moves. And I am not sure that the Biebers did this.

Hailey Bieber scratched on belly by one of her Savannah cats
Hailey Bieber scratched on belly by one of her Savannah cats. Photo: Hailey’s Instagram page.

But why wasn’t Justin Bieber with all his celebrity not able to negotiate an agreement with his landlord to allow the cats to live in the rented property? He could have paid a big deposit to cover any damage.

It seems odd to me that he wasn’t able to get his way. Surely there was a landlord nearby who would allow the cats to live in their property. There would have been a nice spin off. He could tell future tenants that the Biebers lived in the place. A good selling point.

Another possibility which would have been better for the cats would be to have placed a classy mobile home on his land and live there during renovations. This would have kept the cats at their home range. It would have been less unsettling and stressful for them. It would also have meant that they could use their garden and keep an eye on the removations.

And the other point worth making is that the cats are clearly a bit of a handful. They’ll be upset, by the way, for having to live in a strange place with a relative stranger. They’ll be very attached to their original home: the Bieber’s house. To be pulled away from that is likely to lead to behavioural issues while they live with Hailey’s cousin. I’d bet that they spend all their time trying to escape the home and return to their home territory. If my assessment is correct it’ll be tricky and troublesome for the cousin. She’ll be glad when she gets back to normal but this is going to a 2 month project at least I’d have thought.

I remember that one of them tried to escape before. It’s a nightmare brought about because they selected their cats on appearance rather than character and temperament. It is a bit of a mess really. With all his wealth you’d have thought he would do a better job of looking after the cats or am I being too critical?

P.S. Hailey and Justin were married on 13 September 2018 are still are.

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