Hailey Bieber scratched on belly by Savannah cat

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Hailey Bieber scratched on belly by one of her Savannah cats
Hailey Bieber scratched on belly by one of her Savannah cats. Photo: Hailey’s Instagram page.
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We know that the Biebers have a couple of high filial Savannah cats, probably f1-f3 but I don’t know. Fully grown, they’ll be big and beautiful. Highly impressive and their names are Sushi and Tuna. They are more active than the normal house cat because of their wild DNA content. They also have a dog Oscar. PETA has criticised them.

Hailey Bieber
Hailey Bieber. She is a model and 23-years-of-age at the date of this post.

On Monday last Hailey Rhode Bieber (Justin’s wife) published a picture on her Instagram page (27.3 million followers no less) of her fine looking flat feminine midriff with two long scratch marks. She had annotated the picture with the “cats are little a$$holes sometimes”.

They are not bad scratches in terms of depth but they are long. My guess is that they were caused by one of her cat’s hind leg claws. She may have picked up one the cats and the cat used their hind legs to try and get some purchase on her belly. Just one of those moments. Although to be accurate without being unkind it should not have happened but we are not told the circumstances.

I’d say that Hailey is being a little unfair to her cats. She’s clearly blamed the cat for the scratch. Perhaps the cat was playing too rough? Young domestic cats can act like kids sometimes and do silly things. I’ll agree that.

Sushi and Tuna
Sushi and Tuna. Picture: Instagram.

The cats were apparently bought weeks ahead of their wedding in September 2019. They cost $20,000 and $15,000. An indication that they are high filial, high quality Savannah cats.

I am not sure that it is wise of Hailey to present to the world her cat scratch. The problem with an Instagram page that has 27 million followers is that you have to feed it like some voracious monster that runs your life. So when anything unusual happens in your life you have to photograph it and upload the pic to the page. End of normal life and privacy.

I hope the Biebers keep their cats for the lives of the cats. They are exotic creatures just like their owners. The Biebers have a rarified lifestyle which I hope does not interfere in their cat caretaking duties.

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