Halloween Black Cat Pictures

by Michael
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No, not a black cat! A white Persian Halloween cat with a black hat! - Photo by pareeerica (Flickr) -

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No, not a black cat! A white Persian Halloween cat with a black hat! - Photo by pareeerica (Flickr) -

No, not a black cat! A white Persian Halloween cat with a black hat! - Photo by pareeerica (Flickr) - Photo by Luvzdollz (Flickr) - Vintage Halloween cat decorations - photo by Miss Millificent (Flickr)

Today's date: 31st October 2010..I am a bit late doing this.....Being serious for a while, I think that it is a bit of a shame that people search for Halloween black cat pictures - sorry if that sounds like I am a spoil sport complaining. The reason is that it perpetuates the connection between the cat generally and the black cat in particular with Halloween and all that spooky stuff to the detriment of the cat. The black cat is in danger at Halloween in the USA. Well perhaps that is a bit of an exaggeration but some black cats somewhere will get hurt at Halloween.

Below is a nice Halloween, professional looking Halloween picture with a black cat in it!

Halloween Black Cat Picture -- Photo by anslatadams (Flickr)

And here is one on top of a cup cake! "Halloween cupcakes for an animal shelter fundraiser. Chocolate cakes with whipped ganache frosting and sprinkles."

chocolate cupcake
Photo and cakes by Debbie R.

Now a little, tiny bit of Halloween information. Halloween takes place on the 31st Oct. Wikipedia authors say it is a holiday but perhaps that applies to America and Canada where it is much bigger than in Ireland and the UK where it is not a public holiday.

Apparently its origins are the Gaelic end of summer harvest festival called Samhain. In the Christian faith there is a festival on the 1st November that celebrates all the saints, called All Saints Day or All Hallows. This is a national holiday in some Catholic countries.

All Hallows is the origin of the name Halloween. The Scots used the term: All-Hallows-Even meaning the evening before All Hallows. This developed into Hallowe'en and Halloween.

Cat makeup - Halloween

Another Halloween "thing" is to put on cat makeup. This seems to fit a certain style. Below is a very simple example but it does cover the basic points it seems to me - not that I am an expert!


I don't think that you need a video of how to put on Halloween cat makeup but if it is a bit more complicated than usual then maybe you do.

Click here to go to the video on how this makeup was put on.

Finally another Halloween cat makeup picture:

Happy Halloween

Darlene Burrow, a true cat lover who cares for Milo so beautifully likes Halloween. It is her favorite celebration: Happy Halloween Milo!

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  1. Delete that please, Michael, unless you feel that it is worthwhile keeping it on my [personal?] comment page. Thanks. I hate THESE individuals, every last one of them. Being a small female, I can get pretty damn bloody?] feisty, jsut like my little Luna (Shrimptar’s sister).

  2. That white persey in the black hat. tjanks, Michael. Sambain. Christian?
    This is what i cannot stand about Christians. self-righteous, more often than not. And those rednecks [sorry, I don’t mean to categorise.] those stupid, messed up rednecks who decide that the best they can do on All Saints’ Night is to strip a helpless, helpless black cat and strip it ov everything that protects it. It makes me so angry, so angry. I have no probelem with taking my -used to anyway-taking my GMC ’91 truck, and mowing them down as best I can. delete this, Michael.

  3. Okay, thanks. I’m good to go now. Looking forward. I got as far as that kitten in the hat. Will move forward. 🙂

    • Why? It is not bad for the cat. I know Halloween can be dangerous for the black cat but this article written years ago does not endanger cats in my opinion.


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