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  1. Delete that please, Michael, unless you feel that it is worthwhile keeping it on my [personal?] comment page. Thanks. I hate THESE individuals, every last one of them. Being a small female, I can get pretty damn bloody?] feisty, jsut like my little Luna (Shrimptar’s sister).

  2. That white persey in the black hat. tjanks, Michael. Sambain. Christian?
    This is what i cannot stand about Christians. self-righteous, more often than not. And those rednecks [sorry, I don’t mean to categorise.] those stupid, messed up rednecks who decide that the best they can do on All Saints’ Night is to strip a helpless, helpless black cat and strip it ov everything that protects it. It makes me so angry, so angry. I have no probelem with taking my -used to anyway-taking my GMC ’91 truck, and mowing them down as best I can. delete this, Michael.

  3. Okay, thanks. I’m good to go now. Looking forward. I got as far as that kitten in the hat. Will move forward. 🙂

    • Why? It is not bad for the cat. I know Halloween can be dangerous for the black cat but this article written years ago does not endanger cats in my opinion.

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