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    • Thanks for commenting Danièle. I think your French can be translated as: What gives humankind the right to make other species suffer? If that is a correct translation then the answer is that some humans can tend to believe that they are superior to other species and can therefore use and abuse them at will. There is mass human abuse of animals on the planet. The trade in wildlife alone is worth around $10 billion or more annually.

  1. It’s sad that I am surprised that FB even bothered to take the page down. I’m not going to say good for them because they do a really lousy job of policing that site anyway. Guess Looney is going to have to go elsewhere for his/her sick thrills.

  2. THIS IS FUCKING HILARIOUS!!!! I guess you uptight fucks have no sense of humor. Sad for you. We’ll be laughing at your expense. HAVE A NICE DAY!

    • I have published your comment for the sole reason to remind visitors to this page that sh*ts like you are all around us and you are of the same mentality as the ‘cat punt’ promoters. Your username is “Looney” – that you definitely are.

    • Thanks for telling me this, Christine. It does seem to have been removed. It may have happened because of this article and people responding by contacting FB.

  3. Well, I have said my fair share of nasty things on the facebook page. I have however tried to get on the facebook page again and am either blocked or the page has been closed. Can you confirm?

    • It is the dark underbelly of humankind but it is not that exceptional. There are a lot of people this crazy and it upsets me.

    • Thanks for commenting. I don’t it is real either as it is trolling really but it is dangerous and it can incite violence against cats.

  4. I’m very tired of Facebook having no phone support to report illegal or offensive posts, groups, events, etc. As one of the richest companies in the world, this service should be available. The choices they offer for reporting often have NOTHING to do with WHY you report. I think their should be a petition for Facebook to have phone support. They could easily afford to offer that service.

  5. I cannot comment as it would be as vile as your troll. But that should say enough about how I view these sick,mentally disturbed threats to society.

  6. Come at me you sick pieces of shit so I can kick you then hammer your worthless head in with a hammer and watch you bleed to death! Hope cat abusers do us all a favour and kill themselves!

  7. Sick sick world we live in…I hate people!! And seriously Facebook you are just as sick as these people allowing a page like that…SO DISGUSTED!!!!!

    • I feel like you. These sorts of sh*ts make the world a worse place and they damage my faith in humankind to the point where, like you, I begin to hate people.

    • Myrna, my experience with Facebook is that they are either unable to police their site adequately or don’t want to bother. Not good either way. Thanks for commenting.

  8. This is too horrible to contemplate. Do not the powers that be troll their own device to see what is posted. This is blatent cruelty. This should be reported & stopped. People are horrible beings.

    • Yes Sheri, this does look horrible. I don’t believe it is real though although some nasty people may be encouraged to get involved.

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