Halloween Cat

Halloween Cat

by Jama

Picture added by Michael (Admin) to illustrate article. Photo by pareeerica (Flickr)

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Picture added by Michael (Admin) to illustrate article. Photo by pareeerica (Flickr)

On Halloween night this all black long-haired cat walked up unto my sisters porch in upstate New York. I went to visit her on Thanksgiving and she had the cat living in her bathroom (to keep her dog from eating it). I immediately fell in love with the cat and ended up taking her home with me to Ohio.

I already had two cats and when I brought this one home they were not happy. My baby, Cake, who was an outside cat until I found her as a kitten and is fearless and wild, took one look at her and ran behind the refrigerator and pissed on herself!

The other cat, a stray I recently found, just kept her distance. After forcing Cake to come out from behind the refrigerator, she ran upstairs and wouldn't come down for 3 days.

Her tail looked like a raccoon's and her eyes wide, I had never seen my baby act like this. My roommate and I contemplated if this cat was indeed the devil, or maybe just merely possessed, and almost gave her away out of fear.

It's been a couple weeks now and so far the cat hasn't done anything creepy or scary, and Cake comes downstairs now. They still don't like each other, but I'm beginning to think this strange Halloween cat is just a normal cat after all.


Hi Jama.... I like your story. Cake will come around in time I think. I moved your submission to the PoC Forum page.

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Halloween Cat

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Dec 12, 2009 Pecking Order
by: Michael

I think that you might find that a pecking order will be set up and your Halloween cat will be top cat. That's fine as cats don't have ego problems. Cake will settle into this in due course provided Halloween cat is friendly.

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