Handmade cuddly grey kitten

Occasionally I like to go off-piste and take a look at something a bit different. This is a handmade cuddly, grey kitten that caught my eye. I was looking for British Shorthair cats on Pinterest. The website threw up this image. My initial impression was that it was real but that idea was soon scotched as although it is pretty realistic it doesn’t quite do it. It is a toy suitable for children over 14 as it contains bits and pieces in its construction which are dangerous to kids. It is not cheap at £120 (US$166 as at the date of this post). You can buy it on eBay. It is called Cat Safira. The fur is synthetic, thank God. It is not made in the UK.

Handmade kitten
Handmade kitten. Photo: eBay.
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I suspect eBay forbid toys made from real fur. I hope so. It would be horrible if a cat toy was made from real cat fur. Sadly, there is a lot of it about.


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