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Handmade wool cat house by kivikis — 11 Comments

  1. “It is an essential piece of kit in the multi-cat home. The kivikis™ cat house would seem ideal for that purpose.”

    Why do you think that?
    And, how many should I buy? 15? 18? 20?

    I like the concept a lot but would prefer if it was made of quilted material for cleaning purposes as Ruth pointed out.
    What makes it keep its shape? Are there some sort of studs that can be removed?

    • Multi-cat homes need some hiding places for the more timid cats. This is good for that I believe. You’d only need a few because most cats probably wouldn’t need to hide in a cave. Also they would need testing to see if the cats who wanted to find a hiding places actually used them.

      It is quite rigid as well as having some flexibility. It has a nice firmness but it has softness too. There are no studs. It is a complete unit without any joins or metal – just wool.

      I’ll ask the manufacturers about clearing it. I’ll guess and say it can be cleaned in the washing machine (especially the super-large American versions).

  2. Hmm different but what happens when it needs washing? Made of wool you’d think it might sag or shrink. In the second from the bottom photo the opening looks a bit saggy already.

  3. Too bad it doesn’t come in human size.. It looks comfy.. Something i could see me jumping into after a long day… My cat would love it, but i think he would also devour it as he is pretty active with his teeth and his nails to dismantle and take things apart.. Wonder just how sturdy one of those things are?

    • Too bad it doesn’t come in human size.. It looks comfy..

      Now you mention that I can see the attraction. No distractions so good sleep. Back to the womb style.

      As for sturdiness, it is good. It feels well made. It is an interesting product. I would see it as being very durable and I like the naturalness – all wool and hand made. That is attractive to me.

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