Handsome Gabriel (he looks very sweet in this photo)

Can’t really add any words to this except to say he has clearly got used to the camera! At one time he ran away from it. He’s adopting to my way of life 😉 . I like photography and he doesn’t realise what a good and photogenic model he is.

To those who don’t know, Gabriel is a semi-feral cat (was a semi-feral cat!) who I am fostering. He has been with me for a week and he has made good progress. I am with him all day, every day.

34 thoughts on “Handsome Gabriel (he looks very sweet in this photo)”

  1. I can’t believe what a confident little sweetie he is especially compared to the first couple of days with you! He has so settled well and just looks so contented which is lovely to see 🙂


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