Handsome cat abandoned at PETA’s headquarters. Help needed.

A handsome domestic cat who could be a Maine Coon mix judging by his appearance was anonymously abandoned outside the Sam Simon Center, PETA’s headquarters in Norfolk, Virginia, USA.

Cat abandoned at PETA's HQ. He looks a bit like a Maine Coon. Not to type but close. Photo: Norfolk Animal Care Center (NACC).
Cat abandoned at PETA’s HQ. He looks a bit like a Maine Coon. Not to type but close. Photo: Norfolk Animal Care Center (NACC).
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The incident was captured on a security camera. The woman simply drove up and placed a cat carrier containing the cat outside the building. She made no effort to contact anybody inside and did not leave a note. She was driving a blue Hyundai Sonata.

The cat is male, neutered and microchipped. He was adopted two years ago from an area shelter but the information on the microchip does not list the address of the owner. It’s not known whether the woman who abandoned the cat was the owner or not.

Woman abandons cat outside PETA HQ
Woman abandons cat outside PETA HQ. Photo: PETA security camera.

There is a 10-day hold period for shelters in Virginia, USA. This handsome boy has been transferred to the Norfolk Animal Care Center which is a 13 minute drive from PETA headquarters.

Over that 10 day period the owner must come forward to reclaim her/his cat or after that period the cat can be offered for rehoming. I think the word should be spread on two fronts which is that the owner should come forward or potential adopters should declare their interest.

Comment: It is interesting that the woman abandoned the cat outside PETA’s HQ. I presume that there is no shelter attached to the building but the woman thought there was it seems to me or she simply wasn’t thinking. She probably knew of the PETA building. She’d be a local resident. I sense that she is not the cat’s owner but was doing someone else’s dirty work. Just a feeling.

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