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Hanger straps on a blouse or dress can be harmful or fatal to cats

This is Worm, an exotic black beauty who lives with his mom Gina, who is a very good caregiver. Worm got into something he shouldn’t have a few days ago, leaving Gina to struggle with whether her mischievous kitty will by okay. The accident described below can kill a cat at worst, or cost the family a LOT of money if surgery is needed.

Worm is still feeling poorly

Worm recently got into the laundry basket, as cats LOVE to do. He swallowed a rubber hanger strap that he chewed off of a blouse. The family rushed him to the vet so they could induce him bringing it back up but it didn’t work, it just sedated him. Now the family is waiting to see if he can pass it. The surgery to remove the strap runs $4,000.00 and will be necessary if it doesn’t come out one end or the other. Things are looking good, but it’s been a nightmare of a weekend at Gina’s house.

Worm vomited this up earlier

Thankfully, Worm has thrown up several times and you can see what came out of him. Gina says Worm is in better spirits today and is eating again. She’s feeding him baby food (watch out for onion powder folks) in hopes it will settle his stomach.

Worm Sunday afternoon, still feeling bad

For those of you who don’t know what these straps are, they’re used to hang a garment onto a clothes hanger to keep the garment from sliding off. Some ladies wrap the strap around other undergarments while they’re wearing them to prevent straps from shifting and showing.

What the strap looks like (Via Twitter: @technopagan32)

This article should be added to the list of accidental ways to harm or kill your cat. I try to catch as many of these stories as possible just so cat owners will know to be on the lookout. Following this article are links to articles I’ve done about cat dangers. Consider it your “homework.” At least take the time to read the titles!

Please keep Gina and Worm in your thoughts and prayers. A lot of you will remember Gina from the Julianne Westberry case. Her cat Pearl went to the Rainbow Bridge on January 18. Pearl was the cat Julianne kept fed in the bathroom of her house of hell. She was rescued with the other Anderson Feline Survivors, where she was reunited with Gina.


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  • I cut these off and toss them. They are the weirdest feeling elastic. Flocked hangers work just as well. Poor Worm. I hope we get a good update soon.

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