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Happy Birthday Marc — 25 Comments

        • No need to be sorry at all. I am very grateful for the page and I thank you very much for thinking of me and I am thankful to all who gave me birthday wishes so I wouldn’t have it any other way than to reply to everyone individually in this case. Everybody is so kind. I wish I had seen it when it happened and not a day later but such is this period that I just don’t have the spare time I would like. I’ll probably
          have to catch up on weekends sometimes.
          (The difference with this system and the old POC system is the email alerts only come from direct replies rather than any comment on the page. Perhaps the ideal would be to have a choice of either? There are pages where I would for sure be interested in any comment even a long time later. And on a few pages I might just tick the direct reply only box rather than the all replies box.)

          • I’ll check that comment thing out. Thanks for the suggestion. Update: I have changed a setting. Please tell me if you receive notifications of any comment.

  1. What a lovely tribute to our very own Marc of our PoC family.
    I’d like to join Michael by saying ‘happy birthday’ again Marc

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