by Ruth aka Kattaddorra
(County Durham, England)

The boyz enjoying Christmas...

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Dec 26, 2009 Holiday greetings
by: Jan Plant


What wonderful pictures and thank you for sharing.I can hardly ever get any of the "wild bunch to sit still,well except the big ham hisself,Caps.All the rest I have to use the zoom,and then I normally end up with an "end shot".LOL!

Hope Babz recovers soon.Hugs to the boyz!

Dec 26, 2009 To Finn
by: Ruth

Thanks Finn, it's OK, it's a tad unusual for 2 mature sisters to live together happily I know. Unfortunately Babz has flu,4 days holiday from work and she can't enjoy them ! Bad luck that, she's spending most of her time in bed. She returns your greetings and will be back on here with us as soon as she's a bit better.

Dec 26, 2009 Hi Ruth
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

Sorry about the confusion. I was just a bit to hasty in my assumptions - that's the drawback of always trying to make a snappy remark. Yes, you have mentioned your sister Barbara - please offer my very best Greetings to her too. 🙂

Dec 26, 2009 To Finn
by: Ruth

Thanks Finn, yes you are right cats are very intelligent,they know those scratching posts are there when they want them,but they don't yet want us to think they are pleased with them lol

BTW I don't have a 'big boy' now. None of them understood my passion for animals. My widowed sister (Barbara you'll have seen on here too)and I, live together now, with our boyz.

Her late hubby John was our rock, he was a wonderful man and a great cat lover too.

Dec 26, 2009 Wonderful stuff
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

Hi Ruth. Yes, cats are grateful creatures. Some wrapping paper, a bit of string and a cardboard box is all they crave to be entertained. They know these wonderful things tend to go away much too soon, whereas the scratcher is there to stay, so they'll get back to that later.

I wish you and your boyz (including the big one) a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. You always give good advice - keep it up. 😉

Dec 26, 2009 To Dorothy
by: Ruth

Thank you Dorothy,the boyz had a wonderful Christmas. We've played running after snowballs outside, they were like 2 miniature snow ploughs lol and hiding under wrapping paper inside to spring out, the new scratchers have been totally ignored so far.

Best wishes to you all from all of us.


Dec 25, 2009 To Ruth and the Boyz
by: Dorothy

Oh what fun! Nicely done. I hope all their wishes come true. Like, food, scratches and kisses. After all, they have a good staff. We all know, Dogs have masters, Cats have staff.

Happy Christmas, and Happiest of New Years to come to you and yours.


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