Happy ending for abandoned Garner, NC cat rescued last week

After the heartbreaking story of Sugar, who was found dead last Thursday, it’s nice to report a happy ending for another of the cats dumped in Garner, North Carolina. Jada, a black beauty, was found last Monday and has been reunited with another cat kept by Tamara Perezlazaro. Jada has been missing since the weekend after Thanksgiving.

Jada is happy to be an indoor kitty again
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As you may remember, Chester, an FIV+ cat I wrote about for PoC back in December, went to his forever home with Nicole Ferrera. A beautiful black kitty named Jada was cat #10 found. Cat rescuer Kellie Wester of My Friendly Ferals, a Raleigh-based cat rescuer who cares for and rehomes community cats gave Jada a place to sleep until arrangements could be made for Nicole and her husband to make the drive from Tennessee on Saturday.

Jada meeting her new family

Jada did well with Kellie, and slowly overcame her shyness enough to accept being loved on. She went to her new forever home late Saturday, where she was reunited with Chester. The first update from Nicole came in on Sunday.

“Home safe and sound. Ryan is setting Jada up in the spare bath for the night. My troop all wanted to say hi, but that was a little overwhelming for her, so we tossed them out of that room so she can have some peace and quiet. She is going to need to take a little time to decompress and get used to us and our routine. She is precious and rode the whole way without a peep. More tomorrow…”

Jada ready to leave for her new forever home

Nicole gave me an update on Jada Monday night saying:

“She was terrified at first, but is coming around slowly. She was on the toilet tank when I went in today and she jumped down and went to her bed and looked at me like “what are you waiting for, you may pet me now”. It was really cute. Kellie told us she is ok when the shower runs, but is terrified of baths being drawn. I can’t imagine what abuses this poor girl suffered.”

Although Chester and Jada haven’t exactly remembered each other, the family is hopeful they’ll become good friends in the near future. Thanks go out to Team Garner, Kellie Wester and of course Jada’s new mom and dad.

Advocates are asked to sign the petition asking for the maximum sentence allowed by law for Terry Ray Beasley and Tamara Perezlazaro for dumping the cats. Their next scheduled court appearance is set for February 28, 2017, but the outcome may not be determined that day.

At this time, six cats remain missing.


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  1. im so glad everyone is where theyre supposed to be now. hoping for MAXIMUM time. if u can sign the petition PLEASE do so! lets send a REAL message!

  2. Thank you to all rescuers, fosters, volunteers, vets, techs and all ’round best folks who help all creatures, great and small.


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