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Happy Ending For an Abandoned Chinchilla Persian Living a Hard Life On the Streets of London — 7 Comments

  1. My friend had Persians in the past, and so I’ve learned a lot about them from her. They are very high maintenance, so among purebred cats, they seem to be the ones you are more likely to find in the shelter. Not only their fur is long, it’s unlike that of any other long haired cat in texture, with thick undercoat, and it mats super-easy. The fur texture is also different, soft, but not really silky which contributes to matting. They need to be brushed daily and very thoroughly – everywhere, including the belly. A skipped day or a skipped space = a mat. Even with daily brushing, my friend had to deal with mats occasionally. The hair near the butt needs to be cut.
    The eyes need to be wiped too.

    Oftentimes, people don’t bother to do research into the breed before buying them. They look at Persian cats picture and get them, and then realize how high maintenance they are. This is really sad as they are also very laid back and calm, but they probably have a harder time outside too than any other cat (except for maybe those hairless breeds – even more extreme example of breeding gone wild, IMHO).

    Poor kitty. Hopefully, she’ll find a good home.

    • Well said, I totally agree of course. The Persian looks really cute which can lead some people to ignore the maintenance issues. Then the uncommitted and less than moral owner gives up at some stage and abandons.

    • I’m the same. It always amazes me how someone can be so bad as to abandon this cat while another person can be so good in rescuing her. Opposite ends of the spectrum of human behavior.

  2. Poor baby, she looks so miserable even though she needed the cut. The first time I had the Lion cut done for Abby (Maine Coon), she looked awful; however, it was a very hot summer and she was struggling. After a day or so, I got used to it and she was just feeling glorious not having to carry all of that fur in the middle of July. Her fur grew back even more beautiful and just in time for late Autumn.

    Hope this beautiful baby is adopted by someone who is knowledgeable about the breed, as many unforeseen health issues are common. She deserves better.

    • Gail, your comment gives us a clue as to how a cat feels carrying around a coat that is very warm and insulating. It is an interesting thought. Although the wild cat species in warm climates have good coats, they are single short hair coats.

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