Happy Ending For Dog Pictured Being Dragged Along By Rowan County Animal Control Officer

In a recent article by Elisa on the concerns regarding animal welfare at Rowan County Animal Control, a photograph showed a dog being dragged along rough tarmaced ground by his neck with an animal grasper. The person dragging the dog appears to be an animal control officer.

Rowan officer dragging dog
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Rowan officer dragging dog

It is believed that this dog is now living in a loving home and his name is Jesse. He was adopted from Fayetteville Animal Protection Society (FAPS). FAPS received or inherited Jesse with three other feral dogs and is a mixed Tibetan Terrier.

Jesse before hair cut

Jesse before hair cut

Jesse after hair cut

Jesse after hair cut

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I was pleased be receive an email by the person who adopted Jesse who told me about Jesse’s story with a happy ending. Jesse has a dog companion: AJ who is a Norfolk Terrier….

Jesse and AJ

Jesse and AJ

I feel it is quite important to provide follow-ups where possible on stories especially when the ending is a good one. My thanks to Mike, the person who contacted me.

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  1. Marilyn Harrison says:

    I live in Salisbury, Rowan County, NC and would like confirmation on this story before I proceed to contact local groups to get rid of ‘officer’. Thank You, Marilyn Harrison

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