Happy Ending for Shelter Kitten Diagnosed with Brittle Bone Disease

Every now and then a shelter story about a cat in need comes along that touches the heart more than usual. This is the story of a sweet little cat who was diagnosed by a rural country vet to have a life-threatening illness and the people who stood up for him. Thanks to the caring of the cat advocacy community, the happy ending we all hope for is taking place.

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Meet Luke, a black and white 4-month-old kitten turned in as a stray to Cobb County Animal Control in Marietta, Georgia on November 1. Described as a sweet kitten, everyone was hoping Luke would find a rescue or an adopter and live out the next 20 years as a cherished family member.

Luke's Cobb County Animal Control photo
Luke’s Cobb County Animal Control photo

This was not to be. Luke was soon diagnosed as having brittle bone disease by the Cobb County Animal Control veterinarian. Kittens with this condition have the back leg muscles atrophy and don’t live long. They’re prone to multiple breaks in their bones, meaning life – for however much time Luke has – could be very painful.

The cat advocate community came together on the Cobb County Kitties thread here, with Luke’s story being shared 350 times with the hope a rescue would step up and save him.  

Columbus Purrs n Paws has come to the rescue again! Being one of the most respected rescues in the Cobb County area, the rescue agreed to take on what could be expensive care for this little kitten.

Not only is Luke safely out of the shelter, he’s found his best friend in Xavier, a 3-legged cat that is unable to play and frolic like other cats. Xavier and Luke instantly formed a bond everyone hopes will last for many years.

Luke and Xavier
Luke and Xavier

The latest news on Luke is that he will be staying with Xavier at his fosters home. Xavier, like Luke, is very fragile. It’s as though the two kitties were meant to find each other.

Luke’s blood work and X-rays have been reviewed and it does look like brittle bone disease. He’ll be seeing a specialist at Auburn University today for a second opinion. Luke either has brittle bone disease (not treatable) or possibly hyperparathyroidism (treatable).

In order to help his bones, Luke will be on a very specialized diet and will require regular vet visits and specialized care that will be very expensive. Everyone is hoping Luke has the treatable disease.

Either way Luke will be loved and cared for in a home that understands his special needs. I will write an update in the comments of this article once the final diagnosis is in.

Information on how you can help Luke and Columbus Purrs n Paws financially is on the Facebook thread. I think we should all give a big shout out to this rescue for taking in less than perfect cats. 

Have a good life, Luke and Xavier. May you bring each other years of companionship and love.

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5 thoughts on “Happy Ending for Shelter Kitten Diagnosed with Brittle Bone Disease”

  1. I was so happy for Luke when he was rescued. Louise Basia Burns tagged me on him and we networked him for pledges. Very nice story Elise♡ Thank you

  2. Lovely story Elisa. Thanks. Nice photos too. There is a nice P.S. as well in Luke’s friendship with Xavier. All together a very nice ending. I hope his life is as good as it can be with his condition.


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