by Darlene Burrow


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HALLOWEEN TIME! Halloween is awesome!! I love you milo Tiny pumpkin with her name on it

I would like to start off this month of October by saying, Happy Halloween to all of you. When it comes to hauling out box after box of Halloween decorations out in my living room Milo loves to help me decorate.

She loves to play with all the things I take out of the boxes.

She also loves to jump in and out of the boxes too. She gets so excited and has so much fun when it comes to Halloween coming and decorating too.

I have uploaded four pictures of Milo at Halloween then you will know exactly what I mean. I think Milo loves Halloween as much as I do. Halloween is my favorite

I bought a bag full of tiny pumpkins from Wal-Mart and wrote in black marker my cat's name Milo, which you will see in a picture. Also I buy those tiny pumpkins each year at Halloween and write my cat's name on it in black markers.

It's very special to me each year. Holidays mean a lot to me and Milo its very very special to us to be able to share our heart warming holidays together.

It means the most to me and Milo to feel the heart warming love, peace, joy and hope and so much more that comes along with it. She is the most important thing in my life and I truly mean that.

Milo and I have such a special bond that I can't even explain it all to you. It's felt in my heart and is unspoken. Our hearts express it to each other. I love Milo so very much. God really blessed me with Milo and I thank God every day and every night.

God always says everyone is right for someone but some people wait a life time to find that someone. I am a very lucky girl because I found who I was meant to be with, Milo my best friend and angel.



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Oct 10, 2010 my camera
by: darlene burrow

my camera i use is called cobra video camcorder which my dad had bought for me as a gift to me which my dad ordered it through the mail if you are interested in getting one here is the website you can go to to get the exact thing you are looking for its called fingerhut.com hope that helps

Oct 10, 2010 To Darlene
by: Ruth

I believe we cat lovers have feline soul mates and Milo is obviously yours.

We don't make much of Halloween here but our cats love Christmas and have their own little tree and presents under it and pose for their photos, if they're in the mood that is, great fun !

Happy Halloween to you and to Milo.


Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Oct 10, 2010 Camera
by: Michael

Darlene, please tell me what camera you use for the pictures you take of Milo.

Oct 10, 2010 Sweet story
by: Michael

Hi Darlene, this is a very sweet and tender story. Thanks for sharing it.

Cats do like the celebrations. Christmas is another time that cats like. They like all the activity and the paper and the balls and glitzy stuff. All because it is good for playing with.

I hope you both have a really nice Halloween. My love to Milo.

Michael Avatar

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