Happy Holiday From My Cats And Me

Happy Holiday From My Cats And Me

by Franz
(Antipolo City, Philippines)

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"White" - is he a Birman?

Merry Christmas to all!!....hi there readers of this site which is my favorite cause i so love cats, as a matter of fact i have 22 lovely cats right now. lots of pets shops wold like to buy my cats but i don't want them to put my lovely cats in a small cage and wait till someone will buy them.

My heart melts every time i see one in the store. my cats just roam around the house with me, sleep with me in my bed if they want too and i love kissing them on their noses.

i dont know if they love it but i can see that they want to make me happy, so they allow me. i only have one pure breed cat, a siamese, the father of all my cats, and the mother is cross breed between siamese and persian.

i just would like to know if my kitty, the one in the picture, his name is white and he is about 6 months old, is he a Birman?..thanks for reading...happy holiday to everyone.

Franz...(13th December 2009)

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Happy Holiday From My Cats And Me

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Dec 18, 2009 Happy Holidays
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

Hi Franz. Your White is a real fine looking cat and that black nose must make him stand out from the rest.

Here in Denmark cats are never sold through pet shops, but I've seen the sad sight of caged cats for sale in other countries. I pity the poor creatures, who have to live like that and understand why you resist selling any of your cats that way.

Happy Holidays to you too. 🙂

Dec 17, 2009 looks like it to me
by: kathy

Your cat definitly looks to me like he could have Birman in him. Years ago I rescued a cat who was being abused and he had markings similar to yours. I researched cat breeds and decided he had to have Birman in him. I came to this conclusion eventually because all of his kittens had white paws. In one third generation litter one of the kittens definitly was a Birman. It was long haired and had the point markings. I loved him very much but I have no idea what happened to him. My ex husband found a home for him after we were divorced.

Dec 13, 2009 thanks ruth
by: franz

thanks for the wonderful words. it's nice to know someone who can relate to my passion. i cant put all my cats together in one photo..but i got plenty of pictures of my cats..i'll try to send it so you can see, and you'll be happy too..thank you

Dec 13, 2009 Beautiful cat
by: Ruth aka Kattaddorra

Hi Franz, your cat is beautiful, I don't know much about their breeds either,I just love every cat whether long haired,short haired, pedigree or moggy, and it sounds like you do too.

Your house sounds so relaxed and happy for all your cats,our neighbour has 15 but you've beaten her record !

I'd love to see photos of all your cats !

I love it that you kiss their noses, I'm sure they do too, our cats love the tops of their furry heads kissed.

Dec 13, 2009 thanks michael
by: franz

hello there michael,

thanks a lot for responding.the pleasure is mine. i am so proud of my cats that i so love talking about them. thanks for the infos, it doesnt matter anyway what breed is my cat, it's just that people always ask me what kind of cat is he...anyways a million thanks to you..sure i will send you more photos of my lovely cats..



Dec 13, 2009 Hi Franz
by: Michael

Hi Franz..thanks for your welcome Christmas greeting from the Philippines. We here, in England, return the greeting.

Your cat looks very beautiful. As you don't have any purebred "papers" or certificates to say that he is a Birman he probably is not a Birman. But that of course does not mean he is any less of a cat. Indeed he may be more of a cat (possibly healthier from a genetic point of view).

I am no expert on Birmans. In fact I find the appearance a bit difficult because the standard pointing that we are familiar with has evolved into something much more complicated and the background colours are also more varied and subtle

That said, for me, he does look a bit like a Birman (and you are in the right area of the world too!). The eyes are large and blue and the coat semi-long and it looks dense. And he has that nice "cobby" body conformation (see Cat Body Types).

The pointing is not as accurate as a breeder would want it seems to me. The "gloves" (white fur on the front paws) are too high and/or merge with the background colour up the leg, for example. But I think I had better hand over to a breeder if one happens to see this.

All this said, he has the overall appearance of a quality cat. A cat that stands out.

Thanks once again for visiting this site. I am happy when visitors from as far away as the Philippines visit.

If you have more pictures of your cats you can email me the images to:

mjbmeister [at] gmail.com changing [at] to @

...and I will upload them for you to this page as a comment.

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