Happy reunion for Indiana cat who went missing in early 2012

There was a happy reunion held this week for a black cat in Indiana who went missing from her home in early 2012. After an online post earlier this month about a black cat being found in the same Carmel area where Julie escaped from, the family decided to see if their lost cat had been found.

Julie (family submitted photo)
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Lorinda Roberts and her son Jon Gulla rescued Julie, a black beauty (who was unfortunately declawed), along with her brother Jack. They took them home but Julie escaped while Jon was away at college. Lorinda blamed herself for allowing Julie to slip past her.

Lorinda stated in an interview with youarecurrent.com

“Every once in a while you find that needle in a haystack. I was looking for a needle, not a piece of hay. I thought maybe there was a 1 percent chance.”

Life had been hard on the family during Julie’s absence. Around the time Julie ran off Jon was diagnosed with lymphoma. He has since recovered, gotten married and now works in transportation.

A neighbor of the family who had been feeding Julie was amazed the cat actually had an owner and that owner had been found after six years. Christine McKeon told news media

“(Gulla) called her name, and she came out and came right to him. She wasn’t that friendly. She wouldn’t come running up to us.”

The sweet reunion between the kitty whom Lorinda described as “two peas in a pod” was the happy ending everyone hopes for when they lose a cat. Julie went right up to Jon and started purring.

Now Julie is back home where she truly belongs. She’s in quarantine until the family veterinarian clears her to be reunited with Jack.

Other than a problem with her tail, Julie is in excellent condition. Someone out there had been caring for her through the rough winters since she went missing.

Never give up hope on a lost cat. Miracles happen every day where cats and dogs are reunited with family. It’s not at all uncommon for several years to pass. I believe special angels are watching over lost pets. I’m convinced of this.

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