Happy Valentine’s to all you cat lovers and cats

by Darlene Burrow

Dear friends..Happy valentine's day to everyone and every cat. My cat enjoyed her Valentine's Day this year I am really not to big on Valentine's Day because people love each other every day and if they really wanted they could pamper each other when they feel like it so that is why I am not to wild about Valentine's Day.

I really never had been but since it is Valentine's Day I shared my day with the one I really love and that of course is my baby my Milo.

She is my valentine every day of my life. She is the best thing that ever happened to me.

She is my every day love my hope my happiness my protector and so much more she gives so much of herself to me.

Love can be such a funny thing. Sometimes I believe that people have paw prints on their hearts.

Forever happy Valentine's Day to all from Milo and I.


Hi Darlene.. thanks for the greeting.

Here is a strange but interesting cat Valentine picture from the Flickr website. Don't worry. the cat was just fine and sort of liked it. The colour was done through photo editing software:

cat Valentine's Day
Photo by Mikayla

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Happy Valentine's to all you cat lovers and cats

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Feb 15, 2011 Glad Milo is doing well
by: Ruth (Monty's Mom)

I'm glad Milo is feeling o.k. You had written about him being sick earlier. How did Milo like all that snow we had a couple weeks ago? Monty went out in it just a little bit. He's not much for snow on his toes, but he kind of dug around and played in it on the back porch. Everything looked so different it really piqued his cat curiosity.

I hope you and Milo had a very happy Valentine's Day!

Feb 15, 2011 wow!
by: darlene burrow

wow that picture is a interesting one for sure was he born on valentines day you know? thanks for sharing that picture with me

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