Hardest domestic cat head-butt on YouTube?

Cat head-butting happens a lot. It is scent exchange and friendship reinforcement. I believe this is the hardest domestic cat head-butt on YouTube! Therefore it is the hardest. If someone can disprove that statement, I’d be pleased.

The cat is Titan – an F1 Savannah. This short video is an extract from an earlier video. The person is Kathrin Stucki formerly of A1 Savannahs in Oklahoma who raised Titan. That is why Titan is so close to her. The voice you first hear is the human caretaker of Titan.  I have forgotten his name, sorry. They are in a large pet shop, warehouse facility in the USA.

Titan stopped everyone who walked by him, which is bound to happen because he is so impressive. He has a sweet, boyish voice. His “owner” calls him manly. Yes, he is, but he is also quite young and more a big boy than a man (without anthropomorphizing cats). He certainly gives you a belt when he shows his friendship.

F1 and F2 Savannah cats are large and impressive. For a person to wander around a store with a first filial Savannah cat on a lead is very rare and very noticeable. These cats are exceptional. You can count them on the fingers of one hand in the USA. I suppose that makes them very valuable and therefore prone to being stolen on the street or in the store! Just to be clear ‘F1’ means that the cat’s father is a Serval (a medium-to-large wild cat species) and the mother is a domestic cat, probably another Savannah cat with the correct coat type. These cats have a wild side as you can imagine. Living with them takes some organising and people should not make the decision to live with a high filial wild cat hybrid lightly.

Note: This page was first published on 28th Feb 2013. I have republished it because older pages can become forgotten by Google and they become almost invisible which is a shame because they deserve to be seen. The republishing is why the comments are dated Feb. 2013.

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  1. I had a Maine Coon who was a great head bunter. He bunted my forehead really hard! So hard that I thought he hurt himself the first time, but it turns out he liked and kept doing it. I wish I’d caught in on video, because it was so formidable that it made a sound.


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