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Harry and Meghan warned about a mountain lion near their home

Well, the news that Prince Harry and Meghan have been warned that a mountain lion (puma) is roaming around near their home is all over the internet. However, for me, it is more hype and frankly a but irritating because I am tired of the Harry and Meghan story. Harry and Megan bought an $11 million mansion in Montecito, California and the world knows about it. We wonder why they needed such a massive property and grounds bought with a large mortgage but that is another discussion. They probably needed it for security and privacy purposes but they should have done due diligence on the purchase and therefore were aware of the possible presence of pumas. We are told that a wildlife biologist said that regurgitated grass found in the area was from a wild cat bigger than a bobcat and therefore they have concluded that it comes from a mountain lion (puma).

Harry and Meghan’s home. Photo: The Sun.

No doubt it is a possibility (pumas are protected in California) and supporters of the Royal family and fans of Harry and Megan will be rallying around and campaigning for the mountain lion to be shot or something. I sincerely hope not. Leave the animal alone is my strong suggestion. If you buy a property in a part of the world where there may occasionally live a mountain lion then you have to accept it. They should be pleased. The puma is a beautiful animal deserving respect and protection.

Harry and Meghan. Photo in public domain.

The Sun reported how a wild bear was also spotted prowling near their property. It looks as though the couple have some wildlife to content with which is entirely natural and I hope they can deal with it properly without doing anything stupid. Apparently the bear has been spotted on security cameras and is believed to have a den in a nearby ranch.

I would expect Harry to be sympathetic to wildlife. We know that he thoroughly enjoyed himself in Africa. I also know that Harry is concerned about the environment and William, his brother, is a friend of Sir David Attenborough. They have similar concerns about wildlife. I can say with some certainty that Harry and Megan will respect the presence of a mountain lion if there is one in the area. The same goes for the bear. I’m sure they can deal with it in a sensible way while allowing wildlife to share the area with them.


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