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    • I think the answer is to prevent fleas as best one can. That means a home where fleas struggle to proliferate – no carpets if necessary. It means keeping less cats. It means physical processes to catch and kill fleas where appropriate – flea combing twice daily. Sometimes as a last resort spot flea treatments are necessary and if so it means extreme care should be taken and the best product chosen. But these treatments can only be useful within a holistic process.

  1. It is not just the Hartz brands although they are among the worst offenders. Quite a few over the counter products can cause severe and possibly fatal reactions. Recently there was a very effective prescription flea treatment that also caused problems mostly limited to hair loss; it has now been reformulated and is sold under a different name. The bottom line is that anything that kills fleas is poison. Unfortunately the nonpoisonous treatments do not seem to be particularly effective, including in my experience DE.

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