Has your cat ever hidden his toys so well that you can never find them?

My cat has done this. He has several toys and he has taken them away and hidden them somewhere. Despite a lot of searching I can’t find them. I don’t believe they are in the apartment any more. My current belief is that he has thrown them away not by intention but by accident because I believe he has put them in the rubbish bag, which I have thrown out.

Gabriel on the Microwave

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I don’t actually have a rubbish bin. I use a big black bag to put rubbish in which is in the kitchen. He has access, therefore, to it. This is the only solution I have because I’ve been through the apartment with a fine tooth comb.

Not only has he apparently thrown away quite a few cat toys, he has also thrown away a little plush toy that my girlfriend bought me. It is a snow leopard and was part of a fund-raising exercise which she bought me as a Christmas present. That disappeared soon after I placed it on my desk. It was quite a reasonable size and appears to have been hauled away as prey and hidden in the big black plastic waste bag.

Has your cat hidden objects so thoroughly that he never found them again? I am going to buy some more toys and I’m going to buy a bin with a lid on to put the waste bag in. In this way, if I’m correct, my cat will no longer be able to inadvertently throwaway the cat toys that I buy for him.

We know what he’s doing. He’s treating the toys as prey and taking them back to his den. He is hiding them so that he can feed on them another day. Or perhaps he is much smarter than that? Perhaps he’s throwing them away because he’s bored with them! Wouldn’t it be funny if he was doing that? That is a bit of fun but I am astonished I can’t find them.

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17 thoughts on “Has your cat ever hidden his toys so well that you can never find them?”

  1. Only he knows and he’s not talking-
    The cats got his tongue *
    I like that Gabriel brought two mice out of hiding_

  2. Jasper steals Lauras glasses from the bathroom counter. I’ve seen him take them and run and have to chase him because he hides them. He also hides his kitchen hockey milk jug caps under the sofa. And a catnip mouse has been known to diasppear and reappear.

  3. Makes me remember my Birman who had a thing about gold, used to steal earings and rings and hide them, some of the earings never turned up again, he may have had a “fence” somewhere.

    1. LOL. I have about 7 cat toys in the flat and only one is visible and that has 6 feet of string attached to it. I may have to add 6 feet of string to all the new toys. I have given up on the six missing toys.

  4. Damon is the only cat here that does that sort of thing and more. He’s a thief, a hider, and a hoarder. Anything and everything is up for grabs… toys, socks, keys, bank cards, toothbrushes, hair ties, on and on.
    It’s pretty much his career.

      1. Not worse really; just a little different. I’m able to retrieve some items as I need them from one of his hoarding piles.
        But, I’ve had to replace my bank card twice in the past 9 months. I have no clue where they went, and the bank says they will charge me a next time.

  5. I don’t buy a lot of toys for my cat, mostly inter-active toys, like birds on a string. But I did buy a soft, catnip filled mouse, which she seemed to enjoy. I usually saw it laying around, but at one point, I couldn’t find it, after looking everywhere for a couple of weeks. So, I bought another one, thinking maybe my roommate had taken it for her cat.

    One morning I woke up to find both of them side by side! Another feline mystery….

    1. I like buying him toys he can play with on his own. It takes the ‘burden’ of entertaining him off me and he likes a lot of entertainment. I enjoy playing with him but he wants to play for hours and I can’t manage that. I think he has lost his toys.

  6. So Funny . You may never find them. My cats kick theirs under the cabinets or couch . discovered when I vacuum the house.
    Younger cats do this more , as they are practicing their hunter vs gatherer skills.
    Indoor cats are waiting for you to find them and throw them back for a one on one cat and mouse game [ which is what their mothers did with them ; difference being the prey was still partially alive and ready for action ! Have you checked the closet ?

    Good Luck Michael_

    1. Eva, I have checked every square inch ๐Ÿ˜‰ . Actually I found one this evening in a place I hadn’t checked before. I had a moment of inspiration. But five are still missing.

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