Hatred or Fear of Cats?

fear and hatred of cats
Poster by Ruth aka Kattaddorra
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Many moons ago Ugga Oggawood was chased by a wild cat. He survived, but instead of passing down to his son, respect for all cats, he passed down his fear of them and his son passed down this fear to his son. But fear turned to hatred in the son of his son and the hatred passed down to his son and his son’s son too. So that down through the generations of Oggawoods, Ugga’s legacy of fear had turned to hatred.

Many more moons after Ugga had his narrow escape from the wild cat, his great great grandson Woody was too busy to make friends, or to marry, because he had discovered computers and spent his days writing angry bitter comments and insulting cat lovers on every cat web site he could find.

Woody's family tree
Poster by Ruth aka Kattaddorra

He wrote of various ways of killing cats, his favourite being by the shooting of them. He also wrote about the ignorance of those who love cats and he tried to convince everyone that cats are evil and needed to be exterminated, that they had no right to be on this Earth.

But the people reading his comments knew it was all in his mind, that he lived in a fantasy world of what he would like to do with his hatred for all cats. He was poisoned by his own venom inside him, repeating himself over and over in the hopes that people would start
believing him. What a sad and lonely man wasting his life that way.

OK, fun over, I’ve so much enjoyed making those posters and writing fiction, but now let’s be serious…

Does fear of cats lead to the hatred of them?

I think maybe it does, because those people who hate cats know in their hearts that cats are far superior to human beings, that they are intelligent and independent and they will never lower themselves to try to please, because they are far too dignified to do that.

They also have a purpose in life if they are allowed to fulfil it, they keep rodents under control, our world would be over run with rats and mice were it not for cats.

What is the purpose of humans? Animals managed very nicely before we came along! I think inadequate people hate and fear cats. This is different to those people who don’t like cats, we can’t blame them for their indifference to the creatures we love, as long as they never hurt them.

Some people don’t like dogs, some don’t like children and so on, but what a much better world this would be if everyone would live and let live and respect each other without any hatred of what others may love.

Ruth aka Kattaddorra

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18 thoughts on “Hatred or Fear of Cats?”

  1. Woody left a comment. He used this email address!


    I think he has finally become leash trained. I couldn’t publish because it was (a) rude (b) boring (c) repetitive (d) the same old stuff (d) the same old rubbish and so on…

    The email address probably won’t work because he is uses proxy servers or whatever they are to hide behind.

    • lol he must have sat in his cave quaking now that we all know he hates cats because he fears them, his secret is out!

      • I was thinking, Woody obviously has a sense of humour by his uggawoody eaddress lol and he must be intelligent if he can set up so many proxy addresses, I wouldn’t have a clue how to do that. So why on earth does he waste his time repeating the same predictable comments when he must know they are pointless, that he will never convince anyone here to hate cats like he does?
        It doesn’t make sense!

  2. OMG, Ruth AKA. I’m sincerely grateful that I didn’t have a mouthful of something when I saw this. I wouldn’t have been able to hold it in. Big Woody can’t seem to hold something in too! LOL!
    I think you would make a fantastic cat educator for kids with your talent. Kids pay attention to cartoon like characters.

    • Thanks Dee, I’m glad you didn’t drown your keyboard with orange juice this time lol
      I think even some adults can take in pictures better than words, especially about declawing, but I just couldn’t resist the posters for this serious discussion, I sat here laughing like a drain thinking up prehistoric names lol
      I almost fell off my chair at Babz comments and ‘Woody needs a good paddling with a wooden hairbrush applied to his backside’ took the biscuit, oh she has such a turn of phrase lol lol

  3. Very comical and somewhat humiliating to the people concerned. They do not deserve any better comments.
    I think that Woody and Co have some mental problem which shows up as an irrational response to the world around them. What danger or other serious matter do cats pose to them? There are many dangers and important concerns that are everyday occurrences to which they should be addressing their time and thoughts. This obsession with irrelevances which frankly are none of their business does not indicate a sound mind. The cruelty component of their obsession to me looks like a window into a psychotic mentality which they can play out with defenseless cats.

    • Yes Harvey, humiliation is what Woody deserves, I’ve seen some of the truly disgusting things he’s said before Michael has had chance to remove them and he targets me every chance he gets, along with other PoC family, so now it’s his turn 😉

    • Very comical and somewhat humiliating to the people concerned

      That is very droll, Harvey. Woody is in therapy but incurable. Harvey you speak sense. Lots of sense. Unfortunately Woody does not understand common sense.

  4. I laughed myself bad over this, it is brilliant, I nearly had to dial 999 for oxygen when I noticed grown up Woody peeing himself with fear at the mere thought of a single cat, I think Ruth has hit the nail on the head (with a stout club) because I really do think that Woody, and other cat haters, have a problem that is primal and goes back to primitive times when inadequate cavemen were scared of the big sabre toothed feral cats that roamed around waiting to eat them up and spit out their bones. Over the years this lily-liveredness has hardened into hatred while at the same time the sabre-toothed predator has been transformed into domestic and feral cats that Woodypeople are now so much bigger than and so modern day cats are vulnerable to the physical cruelty that seeps from such grunting oafs. To make up for his forebears cowardice in fearing the sabre teeth Woody now has to pretend to kill cats and has to waste his cyber time on grandiose tales of his prowess at murdering small furry creatures, he does this to try to upset people who love the furry creatures, and maybe he also does it to give himself the sort of thrill that we really don’t want to think about. It seems to me that the Woody’s of this world need something better to do than try to impress people with their hatred, being addicted to Trollism shouldn’t be an excuse to be allowed to insult decent, caring folk. Woody probably needs turning over someone’s knee and a good paddling with a wooden hairbrush applied to his backside.
    I am scared of spiders, in the same primal way as Woody I can’t bear to see them or be in the same room once I know one is there, but do I look for spider loving websites and go on them to describe how I dream of squishing the monstrous arachnids? Do I heck, so my advice to Woody and his ilk, after the paddling on his bum of course, is “Get over it Woody and get a life!”. Keep it up Ruth, I can’t wait for your next article.

    • Babz I laughed myself silly, spider lovers websites! lol whatever next? But you are right, normal people don’t go around looking for web sites about things they hate just to go on and make nasty comments.
      I don’t like spiders or snakes or earthworms but I respect that some people do and I wouldn’t keep on trying to convince those people they are wrong, like I say, why can’t everyone live and let live!

  5. OMG..this is hilarious…Whatta Matta Gog? That got me laughing….and it continued….

    I have calmed down now…Seriously, as you say, I’m sure that at least some people who hate cats, hate them because they fear them.

    That mentality could be extended to claws. I believe that in a lot of cases, perhaps most cases, people who are frightened of a cat’s claws decide to get rid of them. It does make sense. People do get rid of or avoid things that scare them. Spiders are a good example. People kill them or put them outside because they are scared of them.

    If this is correct we need to do more to help people get over their fear of cats and cat claws.

    • Michael your article about fear being passed on through mice kind of backs up this article.

      I loved it – lol – very funny – your posters are great Ruth.

      Of course Woody isn’t scared of cats literally. Quite the opposite.

      ….but I believe hate is born out of fear in many cases so his hate comes from a fear in times gone by.

      He can neither confirm nor deny this and nor can we – it’s a great theory.

      • Thanks Marc, I did enjoy making those posters lol
        I think hate and fear are close relatives and as you say hate comes from fear in times gone by, you are a very wise old owl 😉 fear is good, it causes adrenalin which gives the strength to face the foe, or to run, but hate is pointless, it poisons from the inside out.

    • I think you are right Michael, some people fear claws! Hmm I feel another article and poster coming on soon……………unless you already have plans for it?

      • No I have no plans. I think there is a subliminal fear of claws which might go back to the beginnings of the human species – millions or at least hundreds of thousands of years. The big cats would have been a real danger to people then and claws are a cat weapon.

        That is why great, great (etc…) grandad Ugga Oggawood feared cats. He was sat in his cave at the time and a tiger came at him…..I’ll spare you the rest. Too gory 😉

        People should admire a cat’s claws.


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