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Have Animal Advocates Lost Their Wits about Euthanasia? — 4 Comments

  1. In my opinion I would always choose life over death for an animal, unless a major health issue becomes irreversible and placing that animal in extreme distress.

    I agree with your statement, “If euthanasia becomes too easy life becomes too cheap. If euthanasia at cat rescues is treated as the default humane solution you are cheapening the value of the lives of these animals. This leads to increased animal abuse and a decrease in animal welfare.” 😥

    • Thanks a lot Frances. It is a difficult point to get over. But it is why we don’t allow euthanasia for people. Do animals have to be second class all the time? It does depend on the circumstances as obviously euthanasia can be the best option but it must be the last option too.

  2. When humans are exposed to mass euthanasia in shelters we create monsters who have to become monsters in order to do the job.
    Domestic pets belong in a home not sequestered in cages and kennels often for years with scant time to interact with humans. Like humans animals can develop behavior issues when confined without enough mental and physical stimulation.
    Small rescues can become hoarding situations because the number of unwanted pets far exceeds demand.
    Each and every pet owner becomes responsible for all of the unwanted, lost and never loved when they do not spay and neuter.
    Oddly this plays right into the Western Governors Associations idea that cats are an invasive species. They may use the word feral to soften the idea to cat guardians who don’t quite get where this is going to go if left unchecked.
    In my mind euthanasia is an act of love. Animals in shelters are killed often to make room for more unwanted and dumped family members.
    Shelters take pets often at little or no cost because if they were to charge what it costs to take care of and eventually dispose of the unwanted family member that cat or dog would simply be dumped somewhere.

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