Have they found the Croydon Cat Killer?

This is a snippet of information from the BBC website. They report that a man has been arrested over five cats that were mutilated and killed across Northampton between 28th August 2017 and 18th November 2017. The modus operandi of this cat killer mirrored that of the Croydon Cat Killer whose exploits began in Croydon, London. It was speculated that the Croydon man had travelled away from London to fresh hunting grounds to avoid police capture.

The arrested police force is the Northamptonshire Police. They were treating the five deaths as part of the Metropolitan Police’s (‘the Met’) investigation. The Met is London’s police force.

The primary police force investigating this long series of cat killings (approaching 400) is the Met who are putting a considerable amount of resources into the investigation. However, they have said that they are unaware of the arrest of this 31-year-old man who has been released i.e. he has not been held on remand pending further investigations.

This is curious. The story implies that the Northamptonshire police might have caught the Croydon Cat Killer. This would be a huge story in the cat world. Yet the Met appears very laid back about the emerging events.

I’ll bet my last dollar that we will hear no more of this. We should know. The arrest and stopping of this notorious cat torturer and killer is long overdue. We’d like more information please.

The hard copy of the Sunday Times, today 7th January, states that Boudicca Rising, the co-founder of the animal rescue group, South Norwood Animal Rescue, working with the police on this matter, believes that that killer has not been caught.

“The killer has not been caught” she declared. I believe that there is more than one culprit. One person started it and others followed copying the signature way the crimes have unfolded. There are a lot of people who dislike cats and a lot of angry people who have an urge to vent that anger against innocent creatures.

LBC a radio station broadcast this morning that the man is a 31 year old Eastern European trucker. If he is the Croydon Cat Killer being a lorry driver would explain why the killings have occurred both in London and further north.

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  1. Someone may have to start a change.org petition! The cops had better follow through, this is a horrendous monster. I had no idea the victims numbered that high. 💔 Maybe there should be loud protests and demonstrations.


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