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Have you been banned from an animal shelter for speaking out about conditions or policy? — 107 Comments

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  3. I vice president of Petits Pawz Cat Refuge in Montreal Quebec Canada. My partner Susan Mackasey, president have been working on this nightmare regarding animal abuse in a so called rescue shelter here in Montreal..

    If you go on to…No Voice for the innocent animal warehousing hoarding and related issues you’ll see a nightmare!

    If you can’t log on please check out Petits Pawz Cat Refuge in Montreal – warning explicit pictures..please share help us help the innocent ones!

    All our statements are of facts only respect! A.R.N.Rosemount Montreal Quebec Canada is an institutional animal hoarder..we support no kill shelters just not slow kill ones..there comes a time when quality of life is no longer and we believe that at this point we should help them on their way to rainbow bridge..not this place..animals are just put into cages to wait to die…please help be our extended voices!

  4. I was fired from the shelter I worked at. I kept going to the judge executive because the director was abusive. One time we were euthanizing a dog. I had trouble finding a vein. So I gave the injection intraperitoneal. I don’t care what they say , I think it burns. The dog turned to bite at its side. The director holding the dog is not animal savvy. He thought the dog was trying to bite him?? Idk. But he couldn’t control the dog so he took the dog forceably and rammed it’s head hard into a wire cage. The judge executive told me I needed proof. ?!? Please ram the dogs head again so I can get a picture!!!!!! Ultimately I was fired because I gave a sick dog sub q fluids without a vet present. But there were a ton of write ups also used against me. They were in retaliation of me ratting him out, some were even made up. 1-2 years later his resignation was forced. I still work elsewhere. I volunteer by taking pictures of the cats under the new director. But the animals care, while not abusive, is definitely subpar.

    • Heather, thanks for sharing your experiences. It sounds like you were very badly treated. It is shameful behavior by the management. I wish you the very best of luck. You obviously care about animals and are smart. I am glad you have found somewhere else to work. Animals need you.

      • I take pictures of the cats. It took awhile for the new director to let me in. I didn’t start right after she was appointed. My friend Susan finally convinced her to let me come in. Which is great news for the cats because they were not posting the cats on facebook or petfinder!! I was livid. They may not get adopted but they get exposure. I also finally found a cat rescue. Cats/kittens I find stray, people that surrender them or some pulled from the shelter I take in. Get to proper weight and vaccinate/deworm then bring to rescue. They alter and bring to Petcos and after applications they are adopted out. I am ok. The job I’m at im not depressed when I come home. However if I were there again there are SO many things I would change. The new regime is not up to par.

  5. The taxpayer-funded animal shelter in New Braunfels/Comal County TX (between Austin & San Antonio) is operated via contracts by a humane society. They keep all the animals they kill a secret…no photos are posted online and the general public is not allowed to see them or know anything about them. The humane society will not release information about which pets are killed or why. The only information citizens can obtain are the invoices sent to the city. In 2013, the humane society killed over 60% of the pets in their care. So far in 2014, they have killed 40% of the dogs and 70% of the cats. Complaints to the TX AG have not resulted in forcing transparency.

      • Agreed. We are focusing our efforts on city/county officials to change the contracts to require transparency, photos, access to pets, etc. This humane society has operated the shelter for 35 years and is entrenched. They currently have a 10-year contract that started in 2012. No-Kill New Braunfels has a Facebook page and web site.

          • Thanks for the link to that article. I think there is a fear in New Braunfels/Comal County TX to criticize the humane society for fear of damaging their image and their donations. But how will change ever happen if they are allowed to keep all the pets they kill and information about them a secret? Transparency is fundamental to creating a no kill community, and our tax dollars are being used to impound and kill these pets. If the humane society is not willing to release any of this information, clearly there is a problem. I sometimes think it would be easier to save pets at a true municipal shelter because they would not have the cloak of “humane society” to hide behind. New Braunfels just passed a TNR ordinance, but the humane society still continues to kill 70% of the cats at the shelter instead of implementing changes to save them. Since January 2014, No-Kill New Braunfels has been advocating for basic changes like posting photos BEFORE pets are killed. It should not be this hard just to get access to pets being killed.

            • I am totally with you on this. I sometimes believe that the shelters want to kill cats because they sell the carcasses to the pet food companies. That sounds ridiculous but no one has told me exactly where the carcasses go to (with proof) and I have stories which support what I have stated. The shelters don’t want to change the status quo. That is fairly obvious to me. Why?

  6. I used to be an employee, Grant Coordinator, and a volunteer at the Rancho Cucamonga Animal Shelter in California. After 6 years of service, myself and 3 other long time volunteers who had been instrumental in creating a dog walking program, training program for pit bulls, multi-dog play groups for big and small dogs, filming adoption videos and hosting offsite adoption events, were fired in November 2012. We spoke out against the killing of healthy, adoptable animals, and even when we proved to the current director that we were able to save the dogs that were on the “danger list, she decided she didn’t like the criticism and stopped giving the lists. Many dogs were kept in travel crates for up to 8 weeks and then killed for “behavior” reasons. We had a lot of video footage of several dogs, because we were trying to put together adoption videos for them, and then we started posting them online, because the Rancho shelter had hired Nathan Winograd back in 2005 to get the shelter to no kill. It never got there, and the killing was increasing, the poor cats fared the worse (and still are) at the shelter. The shelter fired one of the volunteers who was the “Foster Parent of the Year”, and she would literally have several dozen litters of kittens that would have otherwise been killed. The shelter didn’t care that firing her would lead to the death of hundreds of more cats since her dismissal. We have been pulling public records requests and going to city council meetings for the last two years to show how the numbers of killings have increased, and the volunteer program has become so convoluted. But the City Council is backed by our City’s powerful police and fire unions and contribute heavily to their campaign funds. Only one council member has made the effort to ask questions regarding the abhorrent treatment of animals at the shelter. Winograd recommended we sue, but the costs and corruption in San Bernardino County are high, and it would not necessarily change anything for the animals. We filled a Grand Jury Complaint in 2012, and even though we had evidence the shelter was tipped off to all the visits and worked with the Director and City Manager that the complaint was against, they came out scott free. So did the Devore Animal Shelter the year before, and anyone in San Bernardino County and Southern California know how awful that shelter is.

    We have started a website/advocacy group, in order to document our city council meetings, some of the wonderful animals that were killed, and the events that have happened at the shelter. Please feel free to check out our website and facebook page: THAT (Together Helping Animals Thrive) Group. We want to build more momentum and hopefully reach out to other groups and bring more awareness to what is happening to the animals in our shelters.


  7. The law cited applies in the USA. Need to consult a lawyer as laws are different in other countries where free speech by individuals is not viewed the same (eg. Canada).

  8. 2008- I was assisting a woman in getting her outdoor cats s/n. I loaned traps ,transported them to and from the local shelter’s s/n clinic. While standing in line , I would inform those surrendering pets of the 81% kill rate. I would ask ,” If I paid to have them fixed, could you keep them?” Or if the animal was sick, too young ,too old , or injured , I informed folks that as soon as the papers were signed, they would go straight to the kill room.This shelter , in upper South Carolina , was killing over 90% of cats and over 75% of dogs. After a few weeks of this routine , I went to pick up cats to return them to their caregiver. I was met by the Asst director and the director of Ops. Being a former employee of the s/n clinic , I knew them. And they knew me ,and my feelings on their sad kill stats. When they asked to speak to me privately , I figured they were gonna’ thank me for my efforts to single handedly lower intake. WRONG! I was asked to stop telling people of their stats. Why ? ‘Cause it hurt the feelings of the staff. I was asked to stop bringing cats in for s/n unless I was willing to be silent about the realities. wth? The staff didn’t offer options to surrender OR inform the public of the dismal chances of survival. And the management was concerned that the STAFF may be feeling bad ? What about the black bags of ashes I had seen DAILY ? Didn’t those animals deserve a voice? In the eyes of management , no. ‘Cause , the truth would affect donations to their $2.5 million dollar a year killing machine. One and a half years later , the director was publically thrashed for killing before the state mandated hold time was up. Proud to say , I had a hand in getting him exposed.

      • Thank you ,Dee. But I am not a hero.I am just like you , and all the other advocates. I am a concerned citizen. One who has long since realized that to affect positive change , wrongdoings must be made public. While sharing our stories of abuse and neglect inside shelters to each other ,may be a way to vent , real change will only come when we are willing to speak out. To the public, to commissioners, to city and county councils , to the media. Filing for information under the Freedom of Information Act, tracking misconduct , compiling emails , pictures, social media comments, building a case of verifiable wrongs is how ALL of us can force change. We al do what we can. Whether it is rescue , fostering , donating , sharing , researching , or spreading the word. Animals have a voice. And it needs to be heard loud and clear. WE are their voice. WE are the real humane society. That’s spelled with a small “s” , small “h”…

        • Great comment Tami. I complete agree. What is the best way to begin? How do we prioritise? Perhaps we should pick out a shelter that is a problem and work on it by doing the things you recommend. Make an example of it.

          • The best way to begin is to begin to document wrongdoings. Documentation MUST be unimpeachable and completely verifiable. Saying “I heard” or “so and so told me ” or collecting comments from social media is NOT verifiable. Unless those comments are from shelter staff/management. Know what goes on behind the closed doors of your local gov impound. Ask for stats. Ask for budgets. Look up local ordinances. Compare budgets and stats from year to year. Or month to month. Go to the No Kill Advocacy pages to find out where to start. Speak with knowledge. No gov official will give much credence to whining. As passionate as we are about killing , we have to take the emotion out of it when speaking to officials. If you find a problem , you must offer solutions. IE– too few adoptions ? what are the hours the shelter is open ? Are they open when working families can visit ? If owner surrenders are high , what options are offered? Food banks? Low cost vetting ? low cost/free spay/neuter ? How much money could be saved by keeping animals OUT of the shelter. Dollars and SENSE. That’s what gains the attention of gov officials.

  9. Last Dec, 2013, I fostered then adopted a sweet semi-feral kitten from our local shelter. After adopting her, I started checking the urgent pictures and questioned where some of the kittens and cats were going . They seemed to disappear off of the site. Talked to many of the volunteers there. Also sent emails to the shelter manager about some concerns I saw at the shelter. I did received “answers”, of course none of it was their fault. As a results of my voicing my concerns, have been asked not to contact the shelter and employees who became my friends thru out the nursing process of my foster are not allowed to contact me. The annual report of this shelter is public knowledge. I know the numbers, financially and otherwise. I know what is possible there, but deceit and coverup is not the way to accomplish this. I think it has to come from a higher level.

    • Thanks for sharing your personal experiences. They appear to be not uncommon. When an organisation has things to hide they behave defensively. When they are good they accept criticism and are transparent. Gagging people and the sort of ostracisation that you suffered are signs that they know there are things wrong.

  10. When I was 18, I started volunteering at my local animal shelter. My family didn’t have any pets & I loved dogs, so I wanted to be around them. As an 18 year old, I took great responsibility to be there every week on time, made sure the dogs were cared for & loved, and that the kennels were clean. As I grew more confident in my knowledge of the shelter and care of animals, I started to speak up against the policies they had in place. I wanted to see more people foster, I wanted to showcase the dogs that had been there for a year or more, I wanted to see the sick dogs being taken to the vet, I wanted to take one of the two “offices” and make it into a “quarantine” room for the sick animals. The more I spoke up, the more town meetings I went to, the less they liked me. Finally, someone came up with some reason to get me to quit. After two years, countless fundraising and hundreds of hours spent (and also adopting one of their senior dogs), they kicked me out.

    A few years later, I got a job at a shelter in Chicago. It was a private place, run by a few women who had money. I was just “shelter staff” which meant I cleaned the kennels, walked the dogs, administered meds, etc. At first I thought it was the greatest place ever, but it wasn’t too long before I realized that politics and pride had too much to do at this place. One of the biggest pet peeves that I have is when adoption counselors judge people by their cover. So many times, at both rescues, did people come in and “seemed great!” so they just handed them a dog. The dog would come back a few weeks/months later because it wasn’t a good fit. Or we’d find the dog at animal control because the people didn’t have a yard and he’d roam. I hated that the dogs became statistics in my colleagues eyes. In a good and bad way, people became so overwhelmed with saving as many as they could that they would adopt out to almost anyone. To me, that is just as bad as not adopting the dog out right away.

    I spoke my mind to my shelter manager, and I could tell she was getting angry. I was infuriated with the way she was running things, and everyone could tell. She wrote me up for stupid stuff, and finally, she told me that “volunteers were complaining that I was rude and that just can’t happen” so I was fired. The only time I was fired and it was at a dog rescue.

  11. Actually I had filed a tort claim with our local commissioners against our local animal control officer. Later that year I was set up, raided, charged and convicted of the death of my cats of which the evidence of their deaths was not only written in black and white but the state vet, the ac vet said that neither one of them could say I had anything to do with the death of my cats. The vet said more could had been done to save the lives of my cats and the vet and the aco both testified that the aco withheld my cats medication and vet care, which resulted in the cats deaths. So my speaking up resulted in much more than a ban.

    • Speaking from one who survived being set up for rescuing an injured cat, I know exactly how you feel. If I hadn’t provided $1600 in vet receipts and a letter from the vet I’d have gone to jail and Sealy would have been killed. All I can say is F**K all of those who want to cause trouble to those who only try to help animals. May they get everything karma sees coming to them and then some.

  12. I was banned from my position as a feline enrichment volunteer (one of a very small handful of cat volunteers in a highly dog-centric shelter with a large canine volunteer force) at Indianapolis Animal Care and Control because I allegedly hurt the rescue coordinator’s feelings because I tagged her on a post about a cat’s health in our shelter volunteers group. (I was polite, BTW). They felt like I was trying to imply that the RC wasn’t doing a good job. I was also associated with a person who caught wind of an alleged policy violation when the same RC asked me, a volunteer untrained in canine handling, to hold a dog for a picture. The acquaintance, without my permission, posted the story on a public page, which of course made me guilty by association. During the short time that I volunteered there, I always felt like I was walking on eggshells, and I honestly tried to play nice, but when I see a cat I need I will not stand by and say nothing. The poor cats really get the shaft at the shelter. I now volunteer at a rural shelter in a neighboring county, and they are wonderful to me and really work hard to save the cats.

    • P.S ~ I actually contacted a few attorneys about my “firing,” but either never got a reply or was told that the investment into a case would not yield a good outcome, and my family wasn’t in a good financial position at that time, so I chose to not pursue a Section 1983 case. Conditions are still bad at the shelter: http://www.indystar.com/story/news/politics/2014/11/16/animal-neglect-years-indy-ignored-recommendations/18997373/
      They currently have neither a director not a full-time veterinarian. Our city seems to care more about sports teams than our most innocent citizens. πŸ™

    • Karen, Humane Society of Cabarrus County in NC is the exact same way!!! Not many cat volunteers, CEO is “for the dogs”, the cats get the shaft all the time and she’d prefer that there be no cats to have to deal with. She’ll lie and say it isn’t true, but duh, of course she isn’t going to confess and own up to that feeling! There was one young lady that kept trying and trying to make things better for the cats, however because she had a voice of opinion they gossiped, talked bad about her and just flat out disrespected her and made her feel very un-welcomed. Every time she’d try to either defend herself or be a voice for the cats, they would treat her like dirt. I always felt so bad observing what they would put her through. She would go to the Shelter weekly and take care of the cats medically. She would then work with a Veterinarian regarding any health related issues. She was a God send to those cats and the HSOC ran her off time and time again, yet she kept fighting to come back. Each time they would black list her even stronger. She hasn’t been back in a year and the cats have suffered greatly due to that. The cats need more people like her. Maybe if new leadership was in place, folks like that young lady would be involved.

      • This lady should be enticed back and named I think. She deserves all the praise she can get. She needs a pat on the back and a thank you. I hate to hear about good people like that being hurt and rejected by ignorant people.

  13. Cabarrus County Humane Society (Concord NC) is guilty of pushing people away that speak up. They gossip, lie, bully them to say the least. Over the years they have lost a lot of very valuable medical volunteers that tried around the clock to get the leadership to allow changes. Until Judy Sims becomes an actual Leader, animals will continue to suffer.

  14. In 2009 I resigned as President and Board of Director from the non-profit organization that I started in 2001. When I resigned a couple of Board members locked me out. My story is so overwhelming that I could write a book. One of the things that has really bothered me is a You Tube video that was misrepresented painting me as an animal abuser etc. This video was taken with a hidden camera and all conversations were changed. The same people that locked me out nominated me for the IFAW Animal Action Hero Award for 2008 which I won.
    This video has haunted me for the past 6 years and I have never been able to get it removed. Everything they say is false. I am not sure if anyone has any suggestions or if I could converse with someone to see if there is anything I could do.

    • Hi Bonnie. Thanks for visiting and commenting. Any future comments you make will be published immediately. I’d like to know more. Your story sounds very interesting. I’ll respond more fully shortly.

      Could you provide more detail and with your permission I’ll make an article out of it, which may lead to rectifying the wrong perpetrated against you?

      • Hi Michael,

        Thanks for getting back to me. I am currently working 13 hour days right now but would be happy to give you more info. I really don’t know where to start as I have been to hell and back with these people. I have so much information and I hope it helps to right the wrong.

        • Take your time. Leave a long comment and if you have one upload a picture and I’ll publish it as an article. Make sure you are protected. People read this pages as PoC gets 5k hits per day. Thanks.

    • Bonnie I’ve been accused of things I didn’t do either. All it did was toughen me up. There’s always someone out there ready to bring you down, even if it means lying. I imagine every one of the fosters and volunteers who were fired were lied about as well. Karma will get them in the end. I know it did the people who spoke lies about me. They’ve paid dearly and I didn’t have to lift a finger.

    • The “horror” stories I have read here make me realize that my “encounter” with the volunteer coordinator and executive volunteer coordinator is really small potatoes. To all of you cat warriors, keep on fighting. We are the voice for the voiceless and you all have a lot of respect coming your way.

  15. Nathan Winograd is my hero. I volunteer at our local animal shelter and recently when I posted on Google Docs after my shift about a cat I had heard was going to be killed (the word is killed, not “euthanized”) the Experienced Cat volunteer coordinator sent me a nasty-nice e-mail telling me what a wonderful job I was doing but that she was sure i didn’t mean to post what I had about “Sammy” because after all, there was a simple misunderstanding and he wasn’t going to be – she used the word “euthanized”. Her parting comment was “We don’t want to inflame the volunteers”. I sent her a reply and told her i wasn’t at all concerned about inflaming the volunteers. Shorty after my reply to her i received an e-mail from the chief volunteer coordinator. She said, “Let’s talk. You e-mails show a lot of frustration.” so I went into her office and we talked. The upshot of my meeting with her was I told her I had been very upset to learn that Sammy was going to be killed. She said, You mean “euthanized”. I said, “No, killed.” She and I talked for quite while and she finally admitted that her purpose in the meeting was to ask me to no longer volunteer. She also said that since I had explained why I was upset she could understand and that since I was an Experience Feline Volunteer who had been with the shelter since 2005 she didn’t want me to leave. I told her that I would stay but that i was a cat advocate, first and last, and that I would not fail to speak out about the welfare of the cats. I am also a member of the Friends of Feral and Abandoned Cats in the town where I live and feed at three colonies of feral and abandoned cats. I think my involvement with this organization is what made her change her tune. Also that she saw I was not going to back down. But I’ve skated on very thing ice with this shelter for some time. They don’t claim to be a “no kill” shelter, but rather an “open entry” shelter. Until shelters are changed, utterly, from the top down, no-kill is going to be something we all strive for and few attain. I consider the welfare of the cats to be my prime concern and they all know it. Don’t think it makes them very comfortable.

  16. Photoscape is a great easy to use free photo program. It also let’s you resize and adjust the color and contrast. I’m not smart enough for PhotoShop πŸ™‚

  17. Let’s not forget the general shelter supporting public doesn’t know any of this because troublemakers are banned and negative comments about the shelter are quickly deleted. Add in local TV News media refusing to say anything bad and you have a cloak of invisibility protecting the shelter because, after all, wouldn’t the news report if anything were wrong.

    • How I currently see it, TV and newspapers will start covering something if there is a potential of a “big buzz”. If one person reports something, they must interview both sides to cover the story. Guess what the shelter side will say. You also need some kind of evidence (even though ‘everyone knows what’s happening there’).

      One way is to get a critical mass of people reporting something, e.g. local community is not happy about how things are done at a particular place, then it’s another story. Another way – if you have a channel, like consumer affairs, try to talk to them. They should have mechanisms to investigate.

      From what I see, the purpose of many current TV channels is to create Ah’s and Oh’s (which is understandable from their business point), but not to educate (which is sad from my point). E.g. “5 healthy kittens were killed at a shelter”, “Person’s lost cat was killed as shelter’s staff failed to check his identity” – creates buzz, but what will be done about that so this does not happen again? Nothing.

      Choose the right (effective) ways to push your message through. It might take time for people to start reacting. Don’t just say how awful things are, tell them what to do. I’m not saying it’s easy. Just think of effective strategies.

      What’s happening at the shelter is very upsetting. It’s been done for ages that way. But we see things changing in some places. That makes me think that things will finally change over time, and I see this sloooowly happening.

      My heart is with you. There is nothing more devastating than not being able to save somebody who is innocent and loses their life because somebody ‘said so’. xox

  18. My next goal is to be a dual project. I want rescues to send me emails stating a cat is safe and was killed before rescue arrived to pull it. I’ll be doing these in a memorial style using my scrapbook software and will also have a Pinterest board. Email is elisa4animals@gmail.com for this just so I can keep track of emails as my evidence. I know Suzys Zoo has one to send me out of NC to start the series.

  19. I have not volunteered, but I did get permanently blocked from the Anderson County PAWS Facebook page for suggesting they explore a “No Kill” policy. Despite many positive comments I made on their page, any time I said “please don’t kill this baby” or asked them to find a better way I was told to stop it because it hurts the staff’s feelings. I even sent them a download of how other areas have gone to “no kill” and was completely ignored. Sad.

    • To get blocked is unforgivable, as far as I am concerned. It shows us a very hard and defensive attitude by the shelter and supporters. Maybe the no-kill target embarrassed them. As people don’t like being embarrassed, they shut you up. Sad, as you say but not sensible. With that attitude it is hard to see them improving standards.

      • It is so annoying when one makes public an issue or isn’t a “follower” to the current ways and they get blocked or their comments deleted. Some people can’t handle the truth. It is very difficult to become a no kill shelter, however it is possible. A lot is involved. By them discounting and blocking you shows me that they aren’t willing to open an eye to the steps it takes to becoming a no kill shelter.

  20. I’ve never worked or volunteered at a county shelter. But, I do visit our county kill shelter routinely and voice my concerns, especially about the conditions of ferals being held and their overzealous diagnoses of cats being sick and euthanizing immediately.

    On one occasion, I brought a litter of kits in after I had taken them to a clinic to make certain they were in good health. At the shelter, the intake person (not even a close resemblance to a vet) determined that they were sick and assigned them to the “blue room”, which they now call EU (euthanasia unit). I asked to speak to the director who, ofcourse, wasn’t there. So, I was left to present the clinic paperwork to this intake person, explaining that the kits were deemed healthy by a qualified professional. I left the paperwork, took the kits, and emailed Jill Lancome, the director. I was prepared to repeat and repeat this experiment and told her so. Jill resigned from her position within a month. It may or may not have had anything to do with my actions; but, I’m glad she’s gone.

    I haven’t been banned from this shelter, but they certainly hate me when I come in to look for a “lost cat”. Eyes roll and whispers start.

    I don’t care.

        • Every Shelter should have a full-time Veterinarian on staff. So many shelters skimp on what is most important. Qualified individuals to not only properly examine each animal medically at intake but to continue that care during their stay. Instead most shelters rely on volunteers with little medical training. Why is this? One reason- to stay in line with the purpose of this article- because they are the ones that won’t speak up.

  21. 3 years ago I was banned from our local SPCA,the shelter director had and still has weeks old kitten’s euthanized when they are tested positive for FIV and I brought it to his attention that those test when done on weeks old kitten most of the time comes out a false positive and that they are suppose to be tested for FIV when they are 5 to 6 months old,not weeks old and he didnt care,also he told me because I was a foster parent and volunteer for the shelter that I needed to stand down when it comes to PETA and that the shelter is in collaboration with PETA and after a few heated words between he and I I was banned from the SPCA property since I was informing the public that the shelter was killing weeks old kittens,he is a horrible horrible man oh and also he isa Deacon to his church,hypocrisy in the making!

    • God awful, Irish.
      This is America. Freedom of speech is our right and should be practiced without fear of negative consequences.

      • As long as I breathe I will always speak out against the SPCA here,not only do they put down kittens only weeks old but they used to give me cat food for my 2 cat colonies that I have been caring for for the last 5 years but since the falling out with the director it now comes out of my pocket and now I have another colony but all these cats are feral and I mean wild feral and many females are pregnant so with the snow here now I will have to dig even deeper into my pocket to feed them,I am going to take photos of the feral colony and then attach them to a fundraiser to garner funds for food,I will purchase the 35 lb bag of Special Kitty cat food,I think maybe 4 bags will get me through winter,also the day after the 4th of July this year someone dumped a diabetic cat on my property,had I taken him to the shelter they would have euthanized him but he now mine and he is getting his insulin twice a day and my vet was up front and honest with me and letting me know I may have a year with him if that,he was someone cat because he was already neutured,I named him Mystery!

        • Cats don’t come with an expiration clock. Your baby may live more than a year. Any of our healthy cats could get sick and die within ours. You just never know. Saying a cat only has a certain amount of time doesn’t mean the cat only has a certain amount of time. It’s always worth the risk just to love on them.

          • I understand that Elisa but his body has been ravaged by diabetes,had he not been dumped on my deck he would have died,he is blind in his left eye and the vision in his right eye is deteriorating as well,his kidneys were affected too,he has neurological issues and his old body is racked with feline arthritis,I would love for him to stay with me for as along as possible and if he does I will be so happy,I have come to love that old man in such a short time :O)

            • He’s a beautiful cat, Irish.
              I suppose he was probably dumped on your property because his people couldn’t care for him. Actually, my guess is that they didn’t even try considering all of the diabetes related issues that he has.
              I see the problem with his left eye. Poor boy. But, he’s safe and warm with you.
              All you can do is your best.
              And, again, go to your local branch of the Humane Society and ask them for food to feed your colonies. They’re not my favorite organization anymore, but they will usually hand out. I’ve had to do that on occasion. They ask how many cats and will give 1 pound of dry food per cat. For me, it was 50 pounds and they didn’t even blink an eye, just loaded it in my trunk.

        • I have been feeding & sterilizing cat colonies on my own dime for over 15 years now.You must sterilize all the cats in the colony or what you are trying to do is all for nothing.

          Arrange a meeting with veterinary clinics and tell them about how you are trying to care for and control the cat population in your area.I’m sure they will offer exceptionally good prices for not only sterilizing the cats,but for any hospital care that they need.

      • OMD! I so relate.

        I have gone to our local Humane Society and have gotten some broken bags from them that were donated. Please make a plea to them. Generally, they have a twice per year policy.

        Special Kitty dry isn’t the best, but it isn’t the worst either. Conservatively, I probably spend about $500 per month alone on food for cats. And, their yearly vaccines, flea control, and vet care on top of that as needed drains me dry.

        I know all about being dumped on too. I can depend on it every spring and fall.

        Do you not have a TNR group in our area?

      • do you have an aldi’s where you live? they sell 16 lbs of dry cat food for $7.99 and it is Affco compliant! I have fed this to my colony for a long time. they also have canned cat food for .39 cents. I used to mix a can with the dry food and they loved it! cheap way to feed the cats.I am on a fixed income but just decided to feed it to them as regular food is just too expensive! you may also try a shelter to see id they have any food that has been donated to them

    • I hate to read that. So much that is wrong from the shelter. The attitude must be wrong. There has to be a desire to save lives as best one can. To be careless about saving lives must work against the principles of a cat shelter.

      I admire you for fighting this and trying to save lives in a place where they are not valued.

    • Can you even believe how incredibly stupid it is for anyone to rely on FIV testing of week old kits?

      Obviously, any vet on payroll is just a figure head and contributes nothing.

      The shelter mentality baffles me. I have dreams of opening cages and blowing up these places.

      • Vets are either fundamentally clueless or perhaps it’s a matter of whether or not it affects their pockets and income as it appears. Here’s the 2 extremes: I had a vet offer to waive vaccination charges once, in lieu of pts a cat that tested + for fiv. Completely ignorant to the fact that the cat could live a full life with no issues being around other cats. And then why wouldn’t they inform people that a diabetic cat, with dry food removed from their diet, would more than likely eliminate the disease and the necessity to begin insulin injections? Because that would take $ out of their pockets. It’s the only conclusion one can make.

        • Hi Cristi. Thanks for commenting. Future comments will be published immediately. The only difference between vets and other businessmen is that they have been to vet school. So a lot of them are not necessarily suited to animal welfare. Most are primarily concerned about profit. I don’t blame them for making money but I do blame them for prioritising money over welfare.

            • I’m standing by Veterinarians on this one. If there isn’t $$ available, then there isn’t $$ available. Has nothing to do with profit, especially the ones volunteering their time for free. It isn’t up to the Veterinarian or other medical personnel what money is spent on what animal. That is up to the ones making the financial decisions and managing the shelters money. When you think about the setting of most shelters vs an animal hospital, you have very limited resources in a shelter where as an animal hospital has the means for blood work and x-rays to say the least. All of that costs money, just like it does when a pet owner brings their pet to their Vets office. The Vet staff will give their diagnosis and treatment suggestions, but it’s ultimately up to the pet owner on what will be done. The same goes for most shelters. It is up to the person in charge of the shelter to make that decision. Far too many times, blame is passed along to the wrong people by the ones who should really be to blame.

              • My reply to that annoy is this shelter just got a $250,000.00 (thousand)donation from a retired Police Officer,besides being an officer for the law he was also a huge animal lover so money was no problem for our shelter when the director said to put the kittens down,we dont get volunteer vets here in my town,as much as I love my vet it does come down to the money which is so tragic because so many die because the owners cannot afford the vetting for surgery etc!

    • Irish, I ran into that exact same thing here when I took in six 2 month old kittens. One tested positive, and that doomed the entire group. That was the Animal Protective Association in St. Louis, Missouri. A friend of mine who is a vet tech said the exact same thing that you did, that the kittens at that age test positive and should be tested when they’re older. When I called the APA and expressed my concern I was told that was their policy and they were not going to change it.

      Thank you for speaking out about this. People think the folks who run shelters are angels descended from heaven, but they’re not.

      • Correction: “A friend of mine who is a vet tech said the exact same thing that you did, that the kittens at that age can test positive falsely and should be tested when they’re older.”

        I kept one of the kittens out of that litter. He was a healthy, lively little boy.

  22. Thanks for sharing. It’s not rare that people get kicked off the shelters. I’d say it’s more common than not. In one case it cased a “mini revolution” and the shelter management was replaced. In other cases the way of doing this stayed the same.

    I know a lovely person who went through this. I will forward him your link in case he wants to share. xox

    • There’s a rescuer in San Bernadino who ended up in the hospital when police came to remove her from the property. It does happen.

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