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Have you ever considered stealing a cat from a neglectful or abusive owner to keep or rehome? — 3 Comments

  1. I want to take my friend’s kitten. She’s a tiny one-month-old, and she’s very feisty. She wriggles when he feeds her, and I witnessed him biting her in retaliation and being very rough with her. I just don’t know how to go about it.

    • Take her! That sounds risky and perhaps you might think it is bad advice but…Make the judgement call based on what u think his reaction will be if you take his kitten. If you think he’ll accept it, do it. If you think he’ll react badly I would try and train your friend to treat his kitten much better. If he bites his kitten that is possibly animal cruelty and technically a crime. I mean..no police officer would respond to it but technically it is a crime. My gut is that you need to save this kitten from a bad caretaker. The tough part is how you make it stick. Good luck Riley and thanks for telling me.

  2. I have stolen a cat before due to the owner never would let it in the house especially during the winter so I waited one day down the block and watched the owner get in their car and leave then I made my move,it took some coaching on my part but the cat was so hungry it threw caution to the wind and allowed me to pet it as it wolfed down it’s food and then I asap put my bird net over the cat which flipped out but then once it was inside my car it stopped fighting the net and once I got home and assessed the cat more thoroughly it actually welcomed my touch and started purring so I gave it a flea bath which shocked the hell out of me because he just sat there,I think it was enjoying the warm water but long story short I cared and mended the cat and soon found it an actual loving home,the new owner got his neutered and chipped and sadly though 7 years later the cat died from renal failure due to the 2007 Pet Food recall and I would do this all over again if I had to.

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